Official Disneyland Paris Fan Survey (Discussion)

Started by 999ghosts, November 23, 2011, 09:23:25 PM

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completed it found it quite interesting i hope they listen to our views
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Quote from: "Meph"
Quote from: "MrsPirate"However, the second time I was asked different questions.
It'll be because you answered some of the questions differently. If you mark that you dislike something, they'll sometimes ask you why. :)

No, it wasn't that. The first time it asked how many days in total had I stayed, the next it didn't, also the first time it asked how much in euros we budgeted per person per visit, the next it didn't.

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Oh yeah. Actually, it didn't ask me about my income the second time, either.
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Right, I've pinned a special announcement for the survey to the top of the forum, so hopefully as many people as possible will see it! However, I think we should keep this topic open as a separate post-survey discussion area; that way we can keep all our own thoughts and impressions apart from the call the answer the questionnaire. I will have to edit the opening message though, just to add a direct link to the survey.

I've also started a poll via the DLRP Magic Facebook page which you're invited to respond to: Have you completed the official Disneyland Paris Fan Survey yet? Make your vote and share it with any friends who are Disneyland Paris fans. Hopefully that'll be another way to spread the word amongst fans who maybe don't visit fansites or forums too often.


I didnt get asked any questions about how much I budget or how many days I spend there?
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Announced via @Disney_ParisEN on Twitter today that the survey has now been completed more than 5,000 times!


Yeah, that was just me complaining a lot :-)


"And another thing..." :lol:

It really would be fascinating to have these survey responses landing in our own inbox.


i'm just wondering, why do you reckon they want to find out which fan sites are most popular?


so they can target their spies/learn hat works/advertise.
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Quote from: "peter"i'm just wondering, why do you reckon they want to find out which fan sites are most popular?

So they can evaluate who to give information and event invitations to I would think.
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Reminder! Tomorrow will be the final day to complete the survey! If you haven't done so yet, go for it! And please give magicforum and our partner websites DLRPToday, DLRP Magic!, and Photos Magiques some love! ... mode=tprod