Special drink from blue lagoon restaurant?

Started by kristiannielsendk, November 14, 2011, 07:23:31 PM

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Hi everybody :=)

Around 2008 i visited euro disney with the family, me and my sister had a drink in the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, this drink is the best ive tasted and i dunno what its called or the ingredients, but ive searched for it ever since.....

This drink is served in a tall curvy glass with a straw, in the bottom is a delicious blue substance perhaps blue curacao or something like that but that is not important. Whats important is the white foamy cloudy substance on top of the blue liqueur almost filling the glass, i would like to know what ingredient it is.

Ive experimented with every substance, and searched the web without success

Does anyone know the name of this drink or the ingredients, or what might be the ingredients?

Cheers Kristian


I haven't seen or had the cocktail but could it be beaten egg white?  It's used quick often in cocktails for that sort of foam.  What did it actually taste of?


Hi, Kristian
I agree with ICGenie, egg white is often used for the foam.

But I've got one recipe, where there should be a nice foam on the cocktail as well.
Hope I can translate it:
It's called Chionati
You need soome ice cubes
2  cl  Waldmeistersirup (woodruff sirup)
4  cl  Sahne (cream)
1  dash  Zitronensaft Konzentrat (lemon juice concentrate)
6  cl  CuraƧao Blue (you can also use the sirup Blue Curacao without alcohol)
2  cl  Ananassaft (pineapple juice)
    Ginger Ale
Put all ingredients except the Ginger Ale together with some ice cubes in the shaker and shake it really hard, so the cream will start to get foamy .
Fill a longdrink glas half with the liquid and two ice cubes and then carefully add the Ginger Ale (as much as you like). There should now arise a nice foam.
(as I don't like the taste of woodruff I add another sirup I like)

Cheers! :mrgreen:


Hey thanks so much for the replys, wasnt counting on getting any, man this drink has been on my mind ever since i visited the park last time. The answer should be so simple with so many visitors or one should think there was a better communication with the restaurant......

I tried every substance including the egg whites, idk maybe i have to experiment some more, but this drink is unforgettable unlike any other drink ive tried...Maybe someday i will find the recipe......