1992 Grand Opening

Started by zara-x, April 13, 2012, 12:36:21 AM

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Firstly, Happy Birthday Disneyland!

I stumbled across this little gem earlier, couldn't find it elsewhere on the site so I hope I'm posting something new and interesting! Also, for the Brits amongst us, recognise a familiar face 16 or so minutes in, and I'm not talking about Roy Disney either  ;)

Hope you enjoy it, I thought it was fabulous and it made me smile to think how much DLP has changed and at the same time, how much has stayed the same.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRfZpqja ... ure=relmfu
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I adore this video because it shows Michael Eisner in such a positive light, before everyone 'turned' on him. He says my favourite ever Walt line with such utter conviction; "For those who believe that when you wish upon a star, dreams really do come true", that you can't imagine him ever leading the company the wrong way.

Also, everything looks so fresh in the video, it's even more beautiful 20 years on when it's grown in!

The footage with the characters riding stars to the Castle was one of the most magical things I can remember from my childhood, more than anything else that made me want to visit. It was on every video, TV ad and promotion for years, and just summed up the whole thing for me!
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I would love it on DVD. Didn't mind Eisner mean come on he gave us beauty and the. Beast. Aladdin can't stand john lassiter


Thanks for posting, and giving me back memories of that time.
It was shown on ITV on Saturday 12th April 1992 and thankfully we recorded it, I still have my copy albeit on VHS. After reading your post I went and dug it out and watched some of it, we cut out the adverts so it lasts under 2 hours; thankfully it's not too grainy so now planning to make a copy on dvd. Matthew Kelly & Pat Sharp were the hosts for the UK audience, telling us about the park while the clock counted down to the official opening. As well as shown the park and how it was built, we also watched Cher on stage with Mickey & Donald, Tina Turner, The 3 Tenors, Angela Landsbury and many more. Even after watching 20minutes  it was good to see how nice the park was back then, although it cost a fortune to have all the invited guests to the opening and most didn't have to perform.
Anyway; thanks again zara-x for posting, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the video. :D
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It was lovely to watch, I was lucky enough to go in August 1992 after waiting years since it had been announced Disney was coming to Europe as I don't like flying and couldn't get to the American parks.

The parade was magical, the nighttime fireworks great and the nighttime parade lovely it all came back :D  lots of magical memories with the family.

Unfortunately it took us until 2009 when my husband and I could get back again and started new memories with our then 14 year old daughter  :thumbs:  but the magic must have worked on her as we were there again in 2012 and going again in March '13 :D
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A certain poster from this very forum recently published an interview with Glen Roven, the Music Director of The Grand Opening of Euro Disney which you can read here.
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I was at the opening ,always loved Disney and visit as often as I can .
Also DVC member which in the long run saved me lots of money


I love those opening day tickets. I've been close to bidding for one on eBay but never actually have, maybe one day! Be great if they did updated replicas for the day of say, the 25th Anniversary.
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I love watching it  and looking back at prices etc... Ive showed it to my two daughters recently (who now love disney as much as me) and the just couldn't believe it. I think because they have only known DLP they can't really imagine it not being there before this.  I went in August 1992 and still have my sweetie money box, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse that i bought so they are now 20 years old, even have francs on their tags :-).  I recently bought a Minnie Mouse saying 20years on and they sit proudly together on my bed :-)


Mermories- I still have my copy on VHS too;-)
Watched it over and over and when I visitied the parc the first time I was overwhelmed by its beauty and size!
Host of the german show was Thomas Gottschalk.