[GAME] favorite attraction-layout

Started by Riebi, December 19, 2006, 10:46:18 AM

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On //http://www.scottware.com.au/theme/feature/layoutmaps.htm you can find some attraction layout maps & blueprints of the US-Parks.

 :arrow: How´s about DLRP?! Sharpen your pencils and make your own layout maps of your favorite DLRP-attraction!
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Great idea!

Here's Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast from April:

^^ Some details are actually wrong now, like the placement of the Buzz AA.

I started on Toon Studio a while ago but never finished it...


Cars Race Rally

http://www.dlrpmagic.com/guides/15thann ... m-cars.htm

We'll have to wait and see how accurate it is.  I pretty much traced over the leaked layout plan, but added a few extras.  If I notice changes between now and June I'll try and update it.

The Butlin Boy

WOW, fantastic work Baloo, that's brilliant :D