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Started by Anthony, December 06, 2006, 12:15:41 AM

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Over the years that this forum has been online, our moderators and members have been presenting articles and insights into the resort's history through special forum posts.

Originally in the Euro Disney Vault board, we've now moved them all to Imagineering to create a veritable haven for Disney theme park creation and history.

And, to make finding these cool glimpses into the past a bit easier to find, here's the full listing:

+ What is the Euro Disney Vault?
+ Le Visionarium
+ Space Mountain De La Terre A La Lune
+ Les Pirouettes de Vieux Moulin
+ Mulan: The Legend
+ River Rogue Keelboats
+ Disney's ImagiNations Parade
+ Halloween Halloween - Season History
+ Bonfire Night History
+ La-Di-Da Carnaval - Season History
+ St Patricks Day History
+ Main Street Electrical Parade
+ Remember when... Walt Disney Studios Park
+ Halloween Haunt - The Origins of the Pumpkinmen

There's also a series of articles looking at current attractions, posted in celebration of 50 Years of Disney theme parks:

+ 50 Years: Hook's Galley and Skull Rock
+ 50 Years: Pirates of the Caribbean
+ 50 Years: Star Tours
+ 50 Years: Sleeping Beauty Castle
+ 50 Years: Phantom Manor vs. Haunted Mansions

Enjoy the magic!


DAMMIT!!! - I was just getting excited!!.....  :roll:


List added. :wink: