A "NEW" version of Disney's Fantillusion Parade.. soon?!

Started by Disney Maniac, November 10, 2011, 07:48:28 AM

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Disney Maniac


I would like to say that this is an amazing forum :)

As you may all know or may be familiar with the popular Disneyland Paris night time parade "Disney's Fantilusion", it has been almost 10 years since it premiered in 2002. And now, my view towards the Fantillusion Parade which is spectacular, is that it is now time for Disneyland Paris to develop or update this parade because I have noticed that the parade doesn't have many characters featured, and performers especially. As you may have heard about, there might be a replacement by another night time parade. I don't think Disneyland Paris needs to do this. They can update the one they have now and make great improvements.

I have been a follower of Disney since birth and I always have an open imagination to the degree that I sometimes feel like I'm one of the Disney Imagineers'. LOL. I feel like I could work alongside them. And on this topic, I have a design in mind for this parade if it were to be updated. But this is in my own view and not Disneyland Paris's.

Here is the new Fantillusion I have in mind :

At first, we should include the original Fantillusion music soundtrack, but try a little twist to it and also add lyrics.
From the things that should be changed are the show stops which should be removed.

"Mickey's Float":
Mickey will be in his same place in new cloths. There will be lights blinking in every direction and also resembling a rainbow. It should have a feel like he is in a Garden. In front of this amazing float, he will have his best friends Donald and Daisy, Goofy and Pluto, and Chip 'n' Dale. All dressed in clothing that is based on a garden theme with fancy lights so that it resembles the flowers and trees in a garden. And in front of these characters, there will be a large number of performers doing an exciting dance and leading the parade.

"Tinker Bell's Float":
Tinker Bell will be at the front of the float where Flora from Sleeping Beauty used to be in the Tokyo version. Tinker Bell would be playing with her magic wand and it would be amazing if she could release Pixie dust in the air to the surrounding watchers. Inside this small Float will be her new friend Terence. Surrounding the float will be the adorable Pixie Hallow fairies Fawn, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, and Vidia all bright with lights in their respective colors. In front of them will be performers to give it a more beautiful setting.

"Three Good Fairies Float":
The three fairies will remain in their places with performers in front of the float spreading the joy to the audience. In the front side of the float will we have a new and interesting addition which includes non other than the Fairy Godmother, and the Blue Fairy.

"The Butterfly Float":
The Butterfly Float will be back with lively performers in front of it to separate the first part of the parade with the villains section of the parade.

"The Villains Part":
Every float for the existing villains that include Jafar, Ursula, and Maleficent will remain the same but we will have a big number of performers with clothes lighting and dancing to the song. There will also be smoke coming out of the floats to give a spooky sense. In addition, this section should include the Halloween Night float which should be regularly in this new version of the parade. This float should have the fun and exciting characters Pain and Panic from Hercules. This whole section will use a black lights reflection to allow the audience to also have a feel of the villains section.

After the wave of darkness, a bright beginning starts to cover up the darkness and give birth to hope and happiness.

"Snow White's Float":
Snow White and her Prince will remain in their usual place. In front of this float will be a very small float to carry Dopey alone. Surrounding him and dancing to the music would be the remainder of the other dwarfs Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and Sneezy participating in this fun event.

"Ariel's Float":
Ariel and her Prince Eric would also remain in their places with another very small float leading. This very small float will have none other than our favorite Sebastian.

"Belle's Float":
Belle and her Beast will be in their customary places dancing to the music and celebrating. In front of them will be a very small float that will have Lumiere in it welcoming guests with the song "Be our guest".

"Jasmine's Float":
Jasmine and her Prince Ali will remain in their places flying over Agreba in their magic carpet. In front of that will be the final small float with the great Sultan himself! On his left and right will be the amazing and extraordinary Genie and Abu walking and dancing.

"Last Float":
Princess Minnie Mouse, will be giving a farewell in her usual manner filled with her charms. But, she will be in new cloths with an impression of real royalty with bright colors.

For your reference, every float in the last section that has to do with the Princesses, will have a very large number of dancers in creative clothing, shining and light up to celebrate this happy ending. All the characters will also have an amazing shining clothing with lights and glitter! This section would also have a lively and energetic feel to it to make it look magical. The watchers should have the feeling that the parade truly ended "Happily ever after".

I hope you got to enjoy my version and imaginative description of the new fantastic Fantillusion parade. I hope you may share with me your opinions and if you like what I've presented as well as the fact that the parade needs an update.
If you feel that the Fantillusion Parade need an update,  then lets spread across until it reaches Disneyland Paris. And hopefully there could be some change, with or without my suggestions. If Disneyland Paris has something more creative in store, then I would love to see it soon in the near future.


Welcome. :)

Fantillusion used to be in Tokyo Disneyland back in the 90s and had many more floats. You can read about it here: :)

These are some great ideas. Having a new float after all these years is an interesting idea. Hopefully, it would be one in the villains section, which I think is too short at the moment. :)
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Welcome to the forum, Disney Maniac!

Quote from: "Disney Maniac"But this is in my own view and not Disneyland Paris's.
In that case, I hope it's OK if I move your ideas over to our Home Imagineering board, our dedicated place for all our own blue sky ideas, just to prevent anyone from getting confused that a new Fantillusion is really coming. ;)