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Started by DisneyLouisiana, September 26, 2011, 06:13:21 AM

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Is a proposed third resort theme park location for Disney here in the states. To be a resort there can only be 4 parks ten resorts and a shopping district. Now of to NOLA land!!
Magic Kingdom :

French Quarter, USA
This area is themed after 1900-1920 New Orleans, Louisiana. The unique thing about this magic kingdom is it's southern yet elegant French feel like instead of a train around the park there is a large river boat. Other attractions here are carriage rides and NOLA opera house. All the stores are the same as WDW just with a few deferent names.

The castle is the castle that apears on the Disney Movies now days but is also a large mixture of storybook Castle in aswell. It is Princess Tianas Castle and has here restaurant from the movie and a Princess and the Frog dark ride under the castle. When you enter it's a more elegant carrousel and then you have entered Fantasy Faire on you right you can see triple dumbo and rupunzzles tower and the Disneyland fantasy Faire you can also find on your left chips softshewing ride. You can also find a new reimmagined it's a small world, adventures of petter pans neverland, the great Gus Gus and Jack Jack mini coaster, Snow Whites seven Dwarfs adventure roller coaster and Sleeping Beauty dark ride. As you go further in to fantasyland you will find a small French village with a beautiful Mountain in the back ground, on top of the mountain is a beautiful French Chatouxe you have found Belles Summer Village here you will find a brand new Beauty And The Beast ride based on their summer adventure, and a new restaurant called tea time with Ms. Potts and more restaurants and other things in the village. After you leave the village you will find Belles "enchanted" garden when you are then transformed into a fairy and you discover Pixie Hallow.

Tommorow Land :
Exactly like WDW,and DLPR combined

Cajun Country:
First you see the bayou, then the cabins, and now your in Louisianas Cajun Country. Here you will discover Crechant Point a Acadian Sweet Potato Plantation with a brand new Haunted Mansion, Tom Sawyers Island, Missisipi Mountain ( splash Mountain with new vehichle ( perow) and new story line) there is also a new Thunder Mountain it is now Atchafayla river adventure there is also a 1860s Acadian town. And pirates of the Carribian ride based on movie.

Adventure Land:
You enter into a Persian city with a large Indian Castle in here you will find an Aladan dark ride and Prince of Persia Ride. Also in This area you can find the ostrich race ride. As you progress through adventure land you will find a tree house the Swiss family Robinsons tree house which you then find a ride based on that movie. You will also find the jungle cruise and Adventure Land Tower.

Your visit at the Disney Louisiana(c) Magic Kingdom is over. Latter today Disneys Explorers Adventures (c)


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