12th - 15th September 2011 Trip Report

Started by lilfencer09, September 16, 2011, 09:44:20 PM

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Martin B

Love the report!

I love Cafe Mickey. We have only ever been for Breakfast in the past, but we are doing both dinner/tea and breakfast this time. I would be delighted with the mix of characters you got plus the addition of perhaps Eeyore and Rabbit!

Keep up the great work on this report, can't wait for the next bit!

Martin :0)
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Loving the report and pics.


I am so SORRY for the delay in posting the last bit of this report, uni and work has been mad!!

Thanks everyone for the comment, it was a great trip :D

Day 4 - Part 1

So our last day begin with breakfast at 7.30 again, even though I was still full from Cafe Mickey the day before. After breakfast we finshed packing and checked out and left our bags at the hotel to collect later.

So 1st stop was fantasyland again, my friend went on dumbo again while i had a closer look at the surroundings, as it was so quiet. We then we on buzz AGAIN!!!! Which was fun and we even got a decent pic so finaly brought one :0

It was getting close to 9.30 so we went to the Studios, as soon as we got through the gates my friend ran, yes ran! to crush coaster, while I just took my time and took photos of the studios while she went on that.

I met my friend after a little while and decided that we should go and vist mickey in toon towne, the was not much que when we got there and was 5th in line result!

So after our little meet and greet my friend wanted to go on the rock n' roller coaster, as she was heading in I got a treat and got to meet these guys :D

My friend came off the ride and was a bit miffed that I got to see them, so I had to go and see them all again just for her  :thumbs:

After that we decided that the studios was truely done and headed back to the park.

Day 4 part 2 to follow.
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Lovely report! I especially like the close-up photo's in your last post!


Your photos are amazing. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

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Hiii , loving your trip report ! your photo's are amazing ! so clear and such good quality, i think i shall have to take my slr camera when i next visit to try and get the same sort of photos ! ,i saw you guys when we were there ! in the lift in HNY i thought it might have been you as i knew we were gonna be there at the same time but was too scared to say hi incase it wasnt you and you thought i was a raving loony :P Sounds like you had a great time we did too ! and the weather was so kind to us ! cant wait to read the rest ! :)


Great report, love all your pics their really getting me in the disney mood.  :thumbs:
10 days to go  :D/  :D/  :D/


:oops: SORRY i have taken soooooo long to reply, I have just been way to busy to think about this report let alone finsh it! So i am sorry for this, also sorry for my very poor spelling - only just noticed :oops:

Minne&Mickey92 you should have said hi! i would not think you were mad or anything. But i am glad you also had a great trip - by the way a great trip report!!!!! It's true we had wonderful weather :D

cinderslg - thank you :) hope you had a good trip :)

Day 4 - part 2

So we made our way to the park, our last few hours.

We headed towards Adventurland, while taking alot of pictures of course!

We went past Indianna Jones, which had a very short que, so my friend we on that. once she came off we decided to go to Hakuna Matata resturant for lunch.

I must admit it was very very very nice and filled us up. This picture is not great sorry.

We then headed to frontierland so my friend could got on BTM again.

After that shopping was calling us! So back to main street were we shopped and shopped and shopped. We grabed a drink and got our place for the parade. Same place as befor but just the oppersite side :)

While my friend saved our spot i just went around and took some last photos.

Time for the parade :)

Sadly the parade came to an end and so did our great disney holiday. We ran to the hotel picked up our bags got the bus to the station, ran through security on to the eurostar. To find out our train was leaving for another hour! O man there was no need to run! But it doesn't matter!

So thats it trip report done :) Thanks for the comments. I would love to go again for my 21st in pril so would my friend but due to uni may have to wait till june or september, if we can go anyway.

I shall do a summury and add a few post - edit photos later :)
Febuary 2004 - Day vist
July 2005 - Day Vist
June/July 2010 -  Santa Fe Hotel.
September 2011 - Hotel New York - Best mates 21st Birthday trip.

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