marvel land

Started by peter, August 29, 2011, 12:46:22 AM

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heres an idea for a marvel based land in WDS. its quite big, and has enough space for aditional expansion if needed.

the main entrance is in between RnRC and the stunt show. guests would walk under a banner advertising stark expo. continue walking past the RnRC show building and you reach the land. a wide long path leads up to the stark main stage, a glass covered stage, based on the main stage from iron man 2. as you walk up the stark expo set, glass buildings on either side offer experiences that you might expect in the real stark expo, cafes of the future, new technologies that sort of thing.

in the land are many pavillions, offering entrances to rides, shops, restaurants(shown in red) & stages(shown in yellow).

behind the stage is a flying coaster, and the characters represented would include:

~iron man, with the flying coaster

~xmen, with a miniland which has a omnimover shooting game, as well as some smaller rides

~spiderman, with a stunt show. maybe similar to the broadway show, but half an hour long, and it wouldn't seriously injure one of the cast every other week :-"

~fantastic four


~captain america


another path would be built in the future, after more expansion which would link the top of the land to the path behind the stunt show. this land would provide many attractions, significant extra capacity, and a chance to use the marvel characters in a way that doesnt damage the rest of the park.

what do you think, please comment :thumbs: