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Started by Kristof, June 14, 2004, 12:00:58 PM

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I found this message on the message board, posted by "Neil".  I've highlighted the interesting part!

A feature in this week's UK 'Travel Trade Gazette' included a few things which, although not necessarily new, I thought everybody might find interesting:
"There will be further investment in the Paris resort's Marne La Vallee/ Chessy train station after industry partners and customers described the station and coach transfers between the Paris airports as "weak links" in the park experience."
Customers satisified: Lacroix indicated that about 90% of visitors would recommend the park, while more than 80% rated their experience as "very or extremely good".
A thorough review of the UK market is underway. Although there has been substantial growth in the last few years (UK visitors accounted for 15% of all resort guests in 2000, in 2003 it was 23%), the substantial rate of increase has slowed. In particular, the resort's success depends on attracting first-time visitors.
Lacroix said "Repeat business has risen by 40% over the past five years. But getting first-timers in is the crux of our growth strategy. Market penetration across Europe is still very low - only 16% of Europeans have been to Disneyland Resort Paris. If we could increase this penetration to 25%, it would mean 122 million visitors. And this doesn't include the 10 new EU countries ... There is still huge growth potential".

And one final quote from the article: "Bosses hinted at further significant developments at Walt Disney Studios following criticisms by UK operators over the park's lack of facilities. Disneyland Resort Paris president and chief operating officer Yann Caillere said: "The studios park was built as a six-hour experience, but there are more plans for it. We are adding new shows and events each year, and are working on an additional attraction." But he refused to elaborate, as the development was linked to the park's refinancing.

What's the first thing popped-up in your mind?  Mine was: ToT... And I believe that was the same thing for Baloo at


Let the rumours begin about which attraction that will be ;)