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Started by Lewis, August 14, 2011, 05:40:29 PM

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I have visited DLP only 1 time , and at the end of the moth it will be my second.
When I go there, I want to try and get as many autographs / pictures from the characters.
Will it be easy to get them , Im only going for a weekend break ?
Please give me some advice! Thanks fellow DLP Geeks :)


Hey Lewis,

my advce would be to get the park programme when you get there, heres a link to the current one although I dont know if it covers the dates you are going (probably doesnt).... ... arades.pdf
(you can pick these up from the disney hotels, the entrances to the parks or city hall also)
it tells you the time and places that sheduled meet and greets take place. The best advice is to be organised and plan which ones you are going too, also to save time, get there at least 10-15minutes before the charater starts the meet as you could be queuing for quite a while with the crowds of August.
Luv Aveen xoxo


i dont know how you are for cash but maybe a lunch or dinner at the mickey cafe would see at least 6 there. a nice experience (i think anyway)



I'd defo recommend cafe mickey its one of the highlights of my trip also this is during december normally i'd like to think its all yr round but cant be sure near its a small worl/belles christmas village lots of characters come out there at about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, check the parks leaflets should say when have a good trip :)
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Cafe Mickey is a must for us for our trip 3 weeks' today - not that I'm counting! lol! :D/  :D/

I would also recommend the Character tea party - last time I was there it was at the Luckey Nugget but I believe it is now at the Cowboy Cookout.  It is roughly £15 per person and it is the most amazing selection of cakes and sweets and the character interaction is amazing!  :thumbs:  There is at least 4 characters at the tea party and they all come round to everyone at least 2/3 times.  We've booked it for our upcoming visit as we've never laughed so much with all the characters playing with us! :lol:  :lol:


When we went in June we came back wih 32 autographs and some fantastic pictures and memories

there are some great meet n greet ops in the Studios park, Mickey and Buzz have organised queues which move quickly, the green army men meet and play is brilliant

aslo on the back and front lot there are lots of opporunites - but they are all a bit free for all

The main park is also great - be prepared to queue ...

Characters meals are also great .. but we love the random meets in the park like this :)

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