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Started by DisneyManiac, July 18, 2011, 08:24:51 PM

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Hi Everyone! Just want to say something before I start: This is my first Topic so go easy on me lol! :lol: Ok! Ok! Your flashing  :offtopic: so I'll get on with it. Through my years (as I can remember) I have seen a VERY varied bunch of characters, such as Scrooge Mcduck, Rafiki, Abby, Chicken Little, Big Al And so on... Oh and not to mention Push the Dustbin. But has anyone heard of any rumors about any new characters popping up at all?

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i read somewhere that Yzma maybe making an appearance this halloween - if its true im gutted as i love yzma and i cant go


Who is Yzma? Oh and that reminds me if you say about character (if it is possible) show me a picture. Thanks!

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Quote from: "DisneyManiac"Who is Yzma? Oh and that reminds me if you say about character (if it is possible) show me a picture. Thanks!

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She's the villain from The Emperor's New Groove. She's the one in purple in this picture. ;)
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:shock: OMG! OMG! OMG! Cool! I wonder what shes gonna look like? Still thanks! :thumbs:

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Martin B

We've had Rapunzel and Flynn aswell as good old Tiana and Naveem in recent years.

I would like to see some of the already existing characters such as piglet, rabbit, jack skellington, mike wasowski, the hyenas from lion king, meeko etc. getting a good run out all year around. I can't believe the 7 dwarfs don't get a better run out either!! They are great characters. Hercules and Meg anyone?

Yzma would be a great edition to the character line up. Maybe Mother Gothel too!

In the future I think good editions would be Lock, Shock and Barrel. Lotso and Mr.Potato Head, Bo Peep. These are great characters and the later 3 have been succesful in the US! :0)
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Also if you have noticed on the DLRP Magic website and you watch the Stage show video you can actually see Boo! When I went to DLRP (which was a couple of months ago) she wasn't there on the Stage show! Did she ever come out at all?

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hawian rollercoaster

Boo was in showtime spectacular and did a meet and greet after the show at the back of the hub and she and the rest of the characters walked up through the castle . I loved  this show  so much better than mmp and the current show. M y daughter is hoping angel will still be around when we return in nov.


So that makes at least two girls hoping tosee Angel. My daughter is still hoping to see her.She dosn`t know when, though. We go in October, but if Angel would be there, I don`t know.


Duffy is coming for Christmas apparently :)
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Yeah I heard about Duffy the Disney Bear [strike:3cpgbszr]was[/strike:3cpgbszr](or should I say is) having a come back on another post.

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Not sure about DLP buy when I was in DCA I kept seeing Duffy everywhere :L I really didn't understand what it was but is he/she like a build a bear for Disney ?? :L just seemed incredibly random to me at the time!! Haha x
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Basically, yes. It's a bear that you can buy many different outfits for (though you don't get to stuff/stitch like the build-a-bear factory).


Sounds a bit like Mr Potato Head and his costumes but as a bear not a potato. Ho Ho! You get the point! :lol:

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