Studio Tram Tour closes after guest shouts he has a bomb

Started by 999ghosts, July 26, 2011, 07:15:13 PM

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There was a Bomb Hoax in the Disneyland Park this weekend. One unhappy guest wanted to be "funny"; Disneyland Paris Bomb Hoax
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Wow how tasteless, but i hope those 30 000€ won´t be all, disney also should get some thousands of euros for evacuating and closing the park... The bigest wonder on earth is the Human being, so inteligent but still so stupid!!


It reminds me of this scene in Meet the Parents :-)



So within 2 days of a bomb in Oslo , where several were killed, then the same man killed tens of innoccent young people being killed, this guy thinks bombs are funny. It's disgusting


In his defense, he's probably an idiot   :|


The attraction was apparently Studio Tram Tour.

I hope it's ok that I've renamed the topic to be slightly less incendiary (forgive the term). A "Disneyland Paris bomb hoax" implies someone had real intention, rather than some idiot thinking he's funny in a queue line!

Pete's Dragon

What nationality was he?

French: J'ai un bombe pour Mickey !

Spanish: Hola. Tengo una bomba !

Irish: Codeword Grasshopper. You have 20mins to evacute the tram !


What an idot! How stupid was he! He disrupted the whole park and people's holidays, police time was wasted..etc etc.

and as others have said, after what happened in Norway it must have scared people and was so tasteless.

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Oh, I saw this on tumblr and it made me feel sick. Why would you do that? I hope he gets some time in prison :evil:  for his crime.  :evil:
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This is really bad, in the world we live in today where bomb plots are happening every month. The panic and distress it causes and must've caused people when the stupid man made the statement up. I hope it didn't ruin anyones trip !

big disney kid

after what has happened in the world in the last week or so i find this persons actions discusting to shout he had a bomb because he had to stand in the wet to get on the tram tour and the seat was wet he has caused panic amongst young familys who were fearded for there lives i hope he gets jailed banned for life and the 30.000 fine as well .what a total numpty. what in the hell even goes through someones head to even think this never mind shout it is beyond belief .i live in a country were we have had to deal with bomb scares all my young adult life and trust me its not funny so who ever he was i hope he is named and shamed or rots in a french jail but even that is far to good for him and anyone on the forum making a joke about it your just as bad


I hope Disney have banned him from any repeat visits
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thats disgusting!!! Just think of how scared those people on that ride must have been around him sat there with their children! I cant even write on here what I actually think of him!!!