Gangster Wars

Started by Josh, July 23, 2011, 12:21:14 PM

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I was reading up on the Studios and I found that there were originally plans for a gangster ride which would probably have been a bit like Laser Blast.

It looks like that plan is out of the window. However, I've thought of another idea that could incorporate that theme.

What Paris is missing is its own Test Track-like ride. The premise would be this: a famous director (possibly British) is making a gangster film set in the 1940s with a cheesy title. You're going to be playing some of the background actors.

After seat belts have been checked by a cast member, guests are taken to the first scene, which is pitch black. The can be heard shouting "Light, Camera, Action!" As he does this, the lights come on and the car starts moving.

The ride would be all about car chases and whatnot. Cars resembling ones from the period would be going through sets where different scenarios are happening. There would be tight turns, bumpy roads and other appropriate elements from Test Track.

The ride would be somewhat interactive with the guests, who will be filmed during the ride. In front of each seat would be a gun prop (which doesn't actually work). They will be asked via a video link with the director to do things like show angry expressions towards enemies on the set and pretend to shoot them. During this time, they would be filmed by cameras. The footage would be compiled and presented to them at the end, with cheap special effects added.

The ride would mostly be in doors, but there would also be an outdoor area where, in the final scene, the cars would be sped up to 60 miles/h as they're being chased by the police. The police car wouldn't be seen, but they could use police siren sounds and lighting fitted to the back of the car to make it seem as though they're behind them.

As the cars return the station, the director gives them a "Well done" and recites the usual safety information.
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