The Year of Forgotten Dreams

Started by Scissorsboi, June 24, 2011, 12:56:27 AM

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Whilst I know that people aren't a fan of 'themed' years, I thought I'd try to conjure up the 'ideal' themed year for me. It would be a big budget one, potentially as a follow on from the 20th, where the Resort continues it's current approach of renovation. It wouldn't be anything massively new, but would improve entertainment value across the park, whilst trying to add the magic back to certain areas. It's not totally 'toon' based, but I've tried to respectfully weave some into the parks as I appreciate from a marketing point of view it'd help to sell the event. So, that's enough talking, I'll start with Disneyland Park..

The Year of Forgotten Dreams
Step into Disneyland Resort Paris and encounter memories of the past that didn't quite get the limelight they deserved. For years we've celebrated your dreams, and you've seen the classic movies come to life, now it's time to let some new dreams happen as the movies that maybe you don't know as well make their mark on your memories. Step through the gates and enter the Year of Forgotten Dreams!

Disneyland Park

Main Street USA
Meet The Town!
Take a stroll down Main Street USA and greet the people who inhabit the town, for the first time in Disney history, actually meet the dentist who you've only heard drilling before, have a sing along with the staff from the music academy or help fix up a car at the garage. They've always been there and now you can join them in their every day lives!

New Show!
Sit back at the Castle Stage Theatre and giggle along as Mickey Mouse himself pulls up in Steamboat Willie. This show will take you on a journey through Mickey's past, including roles for the Fab 5, and a special, world's first appearance from his very own rival, Mortimer! This show ends with a bang as Mickey turns into Sorcerer Mickey before your very eyes, you'll love every moment as the magic of the past comes to life!

New Mini-Parade!
The Nautilus has company as Milo Thatch and his Atlantis crew arrive in Discoveryland! The mysteries and legends have returned to sit alongside the visionaries of the past and they need your help to find the lost city! Stand back as the convoy arrives, and meet your favourite characters as they enlist you to help to open chests of gold, diamonds and the all important power from Atlantis itself!

(This show would come out and perform a very brief 'parade' style show stop, before Milo and his friends get the kids to run with them around Discoveryland in search of the 'hidden' chests, ultimately finding the power source! It'd be an interaction which I think kids would take part in, and it'd be pretty special for the adults too. Less onlooking and doing stupid dances and more the feeling of genuine discovery and completing a mission!)

New Show!
Treasure Planet: Time Surfers is a new special effects show located in the Videopolis theatre. Sit back and watch as Jim and his friend's sky sail over your head and beyond, and watch as the crew set out to locate the treasure that John Silver seeks! This all action, stunt filled show will use HD screens to show space travel like never seen before, and a massive helm of the Hispaniola which forms at multiple times of the show for the characters to set sail upon! It'll truly be a journey which no one has ever seen before!

(I see the show a mix of storytelling and special effects. It's entertaining enough for adults to enjoy for the spectacle of flying characters/intricate sets, as well as fun for kids to enjoy the Piratical aspect.)

New Ride!
Many years ago Disney released a movie which brought new life into the animation genre, soon after the Imagineers created a ride to showcase this film. Sadly it was only a dream, but now it has been created in reality for all ages to enjoy. Sit back in your clamshell and enjoy the musical scenes from The Little Mermaid as you've never seen them before. The colours are vivid, the music is powerful and the characters are real. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure is the newest dark ride in Fantasyland, and she will enchant you all over again!

New Happening!
The Swiss Family treehouse, a centrepiece of the land has been abandoned for years. Now the family is back and you can join them as they live their everyday lives. Meet the children as they play on the beach, or explore the caverns around the area with Robinson Crueso himself.

Zip-A-Dee Ranch (Formerly Woody's Roundup)
Want to hear a tale of Brer Rabbit? Then step into the Zip-A-Dee Ranch where you'll be able to sit and listen as one of our frontier townfolk spin yarns and stories to delight all ages. Then take a stroll outside along the Zip-A-Dee trail and encounter animals and maybe, just maybe, a few surprises from the Briar Patch!

(I see this being a similar experience to the Storytime With Belle attraction at WDW, guests enter a room where they are told a tale of Brer Rabbit, and are then allowed to explore a petting zoo with goats and sheep, before following a path to the exit of the attraction with dioramas from the Song of the South. Each one animated slightly to play out a scene from the story told) Occasionally the characters could appear for meet and greets. The story part of the attraction would operate similarly to Stitch Live with multiple showings in different languages.)

Phantom Manor
It's not only dreams which are forgotten, sometimes your nightmares are too. Sit back in your Doombuggy and enjoy the new enhancements to Phantom Manor, watch in awe as Madame Leota floats before your eyes, and get creeped out as the Phantom tries to sit next to you to escape from the Manor... if you're not careful, you might lose your head!

Ok, so those are my ideas for DLP, I've also planned for WDS and Village, so I'll put them up later!
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I really like this idea :) thanks for posting :thumbs:
There are lots of forgotten Disney chraracters, fims etc and it would be great to see them in the parks, well done!
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

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Thanks! I was fed up of seeing the same characters used over and over, so thought this could be a nice change for regular visitors whilst still offering new things for first visit-keteers!

Walt Disney Studios

Front Lot
New Soundsations!
Enjoy some music presented by our new barber shop group, 'The Monotones'. They'll greet you with some classic movie scores sung as you've never heard!

New Spectacle!
Have you ever dreamt of being in the movies? Well let our producers do that for you, as we take your photo we will cleverly merge it with movie scenes from old, and as night falls watch the facades of our buildings come to life as the movies, and you, appear!
(This would use the same technology as the projection effects that WDW use on their Castle, and DLR use on iasw)

Production Courtyard
New Artisans Restaurant! (Replacing Restaurant of the Stars)
There is a certain charm of the old movies, before CGI came in, of the painted backdrops and detailed scale sets. Enjoy some of the sets from the archives, including models of our very own park, and gorgeous murals depicting places from your favourite movies, as you dine. Artists from the golden era of cinema will seat you and take your order before delivering the delicious new Italian inspired food to you on an artist palate. This really is fine art dining!

Toon Studio
All New Art of Disney Animation!
We've updated the classic attraction to show the latest updates to the industry! Step into the first room which will change with each release of our latest movie! There's no Pixar here, we've gone back to our roots to show you just how amazing the artistry of hand drawn animation is!

(I envisage the experience being that you enter into the 'world' of the latest movie, replacing the current lobby. So for Tangled it would have had a tower and a mass of hair wrapping across the room, with characters to meet. But at the same time the design would fade away from the colours of the movie into 'sketched' and eventual pencil line drawing as guests progress through to the doors to the Animators workshop (switching places with the current first movie room). The animator show is pretty much the same as currently, but with more timeless references (less Mushu, more Donald), and then guests progress into a new cinema room modelled after a 1950's theatre, where as they watch the movies progress through time, the room around them transforms until it is at modern day standards. It'd be hard to achieve I know, but I think the effect of travelling through the history of the movies would be stunning if achieved right!)
"...keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things" - Walt.


Wow... You really got some great ideas there! I especially like the new restaurant and the band playing famous movie themes. When I was in Europa-Park last year there was a Big Band performing themes like Pink Panter and it's kinda cool to see everyone singing along.
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Thanks! I've just got one more part, as I said Resort and I feel it should be celebrated in the entire resort, so I've done a few renovations in the Village too! Here we go..

Disney Village
New Shopping Experiences!
With the opening of the new World of Disney Store, we'll transform the street of shopping into fantastic new experiences!

Goofy's Candy Factory (World of Toys)
Step into a whimsical store of whirring gears and pulsing pistons as Goofy attempts to run a candy store, full to the brim of the tastiest treats you've ever known! Along with amazing sweets, there is also a selection of fudge, made in store for you to choose!

D:Town (Hollywood Pictures)This fresh store sells clothes aimed at teenagers, the style is a little less Princess, and a little more Punk. The shop stocks all sorts of clothing, including Disney Boutique and fantastic designer gear!

The Trading Post (Seasonal Shop at the end of Disney Store)
This store is full of wonderful tradable items, the latest pins and Vinylmation creations are available, along with a selection of statuettes and glass ornaments. All set inside an enchanted traders cabin!
(This is similar to the new Tiki bar at the DLR)

Pixar Place (Disney Fashion)
The place for all Pixar items! Clothing, collectables, toys!
(The store front is clad to look similar to Pixar Place at DHS, complete with a Luxo AA who makes appearances throughout the day!)

Disney Gallery Remains the same.

New Nightlife!
DiscoVery Bar (Disney Store)
Make it a night to remember at the DiscoVery Bar, a Bar where you can relax in the timeless vision of the future seen in Discoveryland. Enjoy a cool drink and a chat with Jules Verne, or maybe you want to sit at one of the gear shaped tables with friends to discuss your mission to the moon. Round out the night by taking to the dance floor as a robot DJ spins your favourite tunes until 2am!

(The style of the bar would be almost Steampunk, with big turning gears on the ceiling casting light effects onto the dance floor, the floor itself would be clear with bubbling water underneath, pulsing with different coloured lights. A Discoveryland version of the Adventurers Club from Downtown Disney).

Ok, that's my year done, there was a lot more 'new' or changes in Village than elsewhere as I always walk through and think what a wasted opportunity it is at night! Hope you all enjoyed reading!
"...keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things" - Walt.


The DiscoVery Bar sounds amazing! The floor with the bubbling water is my favorite :D
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This all seems like a very good, reasonable idea. Especially since an imagineer has said they will probably get rid of the central plaza.

For some reason, I was thinking that the steamboat willie bit could actually be done. Maybe an area under the hill changed so that they can keep the boat there, and then it would come along behind the stage. Wishful thinking, eh!