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Started by dagobert, June 09, 2011, 03:18:51 PM

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Panpan from who also follows the French Disney Boards claims that a €500 million investment is coming to Disneyland Paris during 2012 - 2020. Most of that money will be used for WDS. Ratatouille still isn't confirmed, because Disney is still waiting for the approval from the banks. It seems Philippe Gas, ED SCA CEO, said that during a shareholder round table discussion.

He also says that Imagineer Tom Fitzgerald from WDI in Glendale, he is responsible for Star Tours, works now for Disneyland Paris and he spends a high amount of time at DLRP. Mr. Gas wants a closer relationship with WDI.

I'm not sure if that's all true, but maybe someone else has some informations on that.


I was aware of the capital clearance, though much of it I thought was designated for Parc Nature. Though there are some debates about possibly Rat (though this is still not green lit) or Little Mermaid.
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How does this amount compare to the amount the Resort received for the 15th anniversary celebrations and improvements?

Also, how much of that would go to Ratatouille/The Little Mermaid?


This is a lot more than just a few extra rides in studios. This to me says at least 2 expansions to the studios. Exciting


Well, the average e ticket is about 150,000 euros each, so do not expect a huge amount over the next 8 years.
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Considering DCA is getting a Billion for it's 5 new attractions and retheming.
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Either way, this is great news! :D If this is true, along with talks of a closer relationship with Imagineering, then this is going to mean a brilliant improvement for the studios! :D
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I hope you are right Meph. They have to do something, and TSPL and Toon Studios type projects or Magical Moments are not the answer. Fingers crossed.
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Quote from: "Meph"Either way, this is great news! :D If this is true, along with talks of a closer relationship with Imagineering, then this is going to mean a brilliant improvement for the studios! :D

A closer relationship with WDI doesn't mean that we get better attraction. Toy Story Cheap Land was also designed under Tom Fitzgerald and his WDI team. As long as there is no money to design great rides, the relationship can be as close as possible and we still will not get better ones.

Sorry for ranting about TSPL again, but I've just seen new construction pictures of DCA and it is so frustrating what's happening in Paris. So hopefully the rumours are true and there will be an investment in WDs, but there is still so much more to do at DLRP. I will not get my hopes to high.


I hope this rumour is true. If it is, I want to see the following attractions built with those €500 million:

• Ratatouille
• Soarin' (Up or Iron Man themed)
• Red Car Trolley
[strike:ahhoi8ov]• Night-time show (either Fantasmic or World of Colour)[/strike:ahhoi8ov]
• Mickey's PhilharMagic (digitally projected)


Red Car Trolly is a new one on me, especially as they rarely use the trolly in Main street.

But that would be cool, I would love a F! like tokyo got, but not one like WDW please. Or World of Colour would be cheaper, so that would make the most sense. But I still doubt it as people get very wet in the show, not something that is good for Paris. That said, efteling is opening a similar show next year, so you never know.
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Alan - I'd agree with most of that, but I think that before building a Red Car Trolley in our Studios they should first concentrate on retheming... A scenic retro transportation ride wouldn't make much sense in our current park, not even on the Studio 1/Tram Tour/TOT stretch of land which is heavy on movie set facades and light on immersion.

Hopefully DCA will lead the way...
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David, you're totally right. Before they add a new attraction like the Red Car Trolley, they first need to do extensive placemaking on Production Courtyard and maybe even Studio 1.

Studio 1 is a big problem. Should they keep the building? Personally I find it a bit tacky and messy, and always rush through it. What if they demolished Studio 1 and replaced it with a Hollywood street set that took you back to the 1920s/1930s? They could do something similar to Buena Vista Street under construction at DCA.


Funny, I really like Studio 1, it reminds me of the old soung stages of the 30's - 60's in Hollywood. And it was even planned as a part of the original MGM Studios back in the early 90's. Lol
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Given the poor weather of Paris, I like that it is indoors.
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