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Started by Columbiad, June 10, 2011, 06:54:52 PM

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Soarin' has always been rumoured for WDS, with the mysterious space between Stitch Live! and Cinemagique slated to be its possible home. However, the idea of Soarin' in a studios park doesnt quite sit right in my head, especially in it's theme found in DCA and Epcot. Here I present an alternate theme that lets it fight right in to the studio.

Fighting right in with the production theme of Production Courtyard, the Soarin' building is the Computer Effects building for the Studio, the place where the digital magic happens. It is here that a new Disney production "Soarin' Over the World". This fauz film is presented although it is a real one (much like Armageddon) but the fact that it is still in production allows for guests to have never heard of it.

The building continues the Art Deco theme of the area, however takes on a new colour scheme.

The building is covered in promotional posters for the "film," featuring known stars, further increasing the suggestion that this is a real film. The posters would be inspired by retro film posters. below I've made a rough mock up, here featuring Johnny Depp and French actress Audrey Tautou.

The attarction would take the form of a tour. The queue line would feature "props" from the film, and video screens featuring trailers and interviews with the stars.

Finally, the guests find themselves in an art deco foyer, the hub of the building (like Phantom Manor, there could be two, perhaps one for English one for French). A door in the room features a glowing "RECORDING" sign over the door, and voices can be head from the other side.
Through the glass bricks surrounding the door, guests can see the sillouettes of Johnny Depp and Audry Tautou, and the director, filming.

 It's in this foyer that they meet thier hapless tourguide, who introduces himself and welcomes them to the tour. He gives a brief summary of the film, mentioning a scene in which the heroine is whisked away by an intrepid adventurer (or a more plausable storyline!  :P ) The shows a clip of this scene on the moniter.

After, he tells the audience that filming is underway right now in just on the other side of the door. He runs though the technique of green-screen, in which actors are placed in front of a coloured screen, and the screen is replaced with an image in post production

Suddenly, he is interupted as (from the other side of the door) the director shouts "Ok, guys, thats us! Time for a break!", and the "RECORDING" light goes out. The tour-guide is finally tempted to show the guests the sound-stage itself, and we exit through the door into the hangar.

From here, it progresses identically as the DCA and Epcot versions, expect that cameras and recording equipment are distrubuted about the room, and the screen is projected with a blank green light before the film begins.

The exit area includes several interactive exhibits, in which guests can intract with other green screens, voice-changing effects and other computer effect related things.

If anything, this concept does everything I expect the WDS park to provide:
- An insight into the film making process (however exaggerated)
- An eduction as to the tefchniques used in film
- A sense of thrill in being behind the scenes.

Any thoughts? :)

EDIT: Changed "blue screen" to "green screen", at Meph's suggestion.


I really like the idea! :D Just two suggestions:

1. Maybe it would be better to use a green screen, because they're more common. :)
2. I think it might make more sense if the guests were extras in the film. During the ride, they could be filmed to show their reactions. You could have the director shouting things like "look surprised!"
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Thanks, Meph!

1. Excellent suggestion.
2. I like that idea too. I just think that Studio has the potential to let guests feel as though they are in somewhere exclusive, behind the scenes, somethere no-one else would get to go, since thats the experiance felt on tours in real film studios. I've also been designing several rides/ride overlays for the WDS, such as an overlay for Armageddon, which features guests becoming extras, so I wanted something differant with Soarin'.

Thanks for the feedback! As usual your responses are so helpful.


Great concept, the only thing I'd say is I misread one of the letters in S[F]X STUDIOS and thought it said something else haha  :oops:  :shock:
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Quote from: "gldc"Great concept, the only thing I'd say is I misread one of the letters in S[F]X STUDIOS and thought it said something else haha  :oops:  :shock:

Me too, that could be an interesting meet and greet.
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Soarin' would be great. It is one of my favorite rides at WDW and behind Test Track the best one at EPCOT.