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Started by peter, July 23, 2011, 03:03:38 AM

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hi, thought i would show this to people, its one of my ideas for expanding the studios park. i think it would mean capacity would be at least 4times higher than at the moment, and it would make the park a 2 day park. theres also a hotel, and a full sized parade

so lets go through it.

the entrance
the security stands are placed in the arches, so you would place your bags on the desk on the stall. the area in front of studio 1 is changed into the ticket sales area. both buildings on the sides are all kiosks to buy tickets, except for a smaller shop. in front of studio 1 is a ring of 12 turnstiles. doors are put into place at the far left and right of studio 1. these are the exit areas. inside studio 1, the shops and restaurants are gone, to the left is the guest information area and a set of toilets. to the right is a meet and greet area. an interactive queue line is on one side, and there are 5 character stations. guests go to whichever one is available.

hollywood boulevard
this now stretches all the way to the large lake, and on both sides are many cafes and shops, as well as two dark rides. overhead is the UP monorail, which circles round with a station in pixar place. the backlot area is also now hollywood boulevard, and all the buildings decor are changed so that they look like they are from 1940s hollywood.

pixar place
this is animation courtyard, but now is just pixar. the attractions are:
~crush's coaster
~finding nemo the musical
~cars race rally
~toy story playland
~walle's journey(this is a dark ride that follows the story of walle
~syndrome's race against the clock(the aladdin ride)
pixar place is where the parade begins (marked in yellow)

the forest
this is in the woods, and are lots of star caravans, where you can see mickey's, minnie's, goofy's and donalds vans for when they are filming off set. just after nightfall, all the characters go to a campfire in a clearing, and there is a sing along around it, and a stall where you can buy marshmallows,etc.

what do you think? i'll explain the rest of it tommorow. :thumbs:


Nice! :D The only problem I can see is that Hollywood Boulevard is too long. I looks as though it's double the length of Main Street + Central Plaza.
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Pete's Dragon

While I like the idea of the lake, exactly how that fits into the Studio Theme I dont know.


Oh didn't realise how big Hollywood boulevard is, I'll have to change that. The lake is because I think every Disney park (except for animal kingdom) should have a nightime show, so the lake is used for world of colour. WoC doesnt suffer from language barriers, so it's great for dlp


Quote from: "Pete's Dragon"While I like the idea of the lake, exactly how that fits into the Studio Theme I dont know.
Loads of film studios have tanks for filming water themes. Plus, a lot of studios are on water fronts. :)
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time for the rest of the park. i'm going round anti-clockwise.

pink areas
the four pink areas are some of the different sets. anti-clockwise, they are:
~water lot
~paradise pier set
~studio fun
~FX lot
water lot
the water lot is the area behind the forest. during the summer cast members go round with water guns, and squirt guests.
the attractions are:
~water stunt show
~wet waves(its basically storm surge from thorpe park)
~goofy's waterpark(this is all one structure, with fountains in the ground, tipping buckets, and animatronics throughout. the story behind it is that goofy has decided he wants to direct a new film, but all of the water effects have gone wrong. pipes are leaking and then once an hour, the giant bucket tips, soaking everyone.
~rabid rapids(this is a rapids ride, chip and dale have wreaked havoc on the water lot, and you have to make it through the water to turn the pipes off.)
paradise pier set
this is a near direct copy of paradise pier from disney's california adventure. the attractions include:
~big woodie coaster
~pier games
~golden zephyr
~silly swings
~donald's plane( this is a flying coaster which goes all over the pier set)
~minnie's big ferris wheel
~goofy's ghost train(a kind of shooter ghost train, where you have to shoot the targets through the ride)
studio fun
this area has a selection of rides and shows. they are:
~disney channel live(lots of the characters)
~phineas' rollercoaster
~muppetstudios(muppetvision, miss piggy's limo race, kermit's froggie jump(a drop ride),etc.)
~roger rabbits car toon spin(the ride from disneyland)
FX lot
this area is all about how they make special effects. in it is:
~donald's guide to explosions(a show that shows all the different explosions used in films, when donald goes into the wds dynamite cupboard)
~entering a wardrobe(a 4d omnimover ride about the chronicles of narnia film)
~there are also toilets and 2 restaurants. the rest of the space is kept for expansion plans

now back to going round.

the jungle set
 the jungle set is a huge area, full of different winding trails and several restaurants, shops and attractions. throughout there are props and cameras used in films relevant to the jungle theme.
the attractions are:
~monkey mayhem(this is like the monkeys from tokyo disneysea)
~indiana jones stunt show
~the jungle book playground(a three storey play area, with many slides and interactive features)
~flying through the trees(a series of zip lines through the treetops)
~walt disney's nature films(how he filmed them, and how disney nature films are made today.

future set
this is a large glass pyramid structure, with all attractions housed inside. the idea is that films set in the future are filmed here. the attractions are:
~storming the starcruiser(a dark ride where you fly to a star wars starcruiser and follow a group of stormtroopers to get to the controls)
~tron lightcycle race(this is a rollercoaster which begins inside the building, before lining up and being launched forwards and up 300 foot before coming back down and going through a number of twists and turns.(think stealth at thorpe park but bigger, with better theming)
~donalds space journey(omnimover based in space

the hotel
a new, 700 room hotel is put in, shown in the cream colour, it has views of the lake, and disneyland park, and a restaurant/cafe/bar for watching world of colour. they also get half an hour EMH after park closing, where all rides in the park except for in pixar place and hollywood boulevard are available. it would be the studios equivalent of the disneyland hotel.

the rest later, please tell me what you think, thanks


Some really fantastic ideas! :)
well done :thumbs: i really like the water area! also i would love to see a paradise pier i think it is a great area now it has had all the improvements! :)
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


time to conclude the plan

fantasmic area
this area contains the fantasmic dining show and 1 dark ride, mickey's sorceror adventures. i realised there is a real lack of dinner shows in dlp, so i thought it might be a good idea to turn fantasmic into a dinner show. the viewing area would be under a covered area. the show would be like the american parks version. it would follow the same story as well. i decided that it would be very difficult if it was table service, so i came up with this idea.the package would start at 20 euros, and at least 1 hour before the showing you need to go to this island area. you go to an ordering area, where you choose from the menu what food you want. included in the price per person is 1 starter, 1 main, and 2 drinks, one with starter, and one with main. you then get given an order number, which is also your table area inside. when you arrive, you go to the serving area, which corresponds to your number(very argos, right?). you get your starter and a paper cup for you to fill up at one of the drinks dispensers along the wall. you then take it to your seat. infront of each seat is a small table to eat off of. after the first half of the show, blocks of seats are taken out to pick up another paper cup and their main. bins are throughout.

marvel studios
this area is solely marvel, and all shops, attractions, and restaurants are themed around the comics and films.
the attractions are:
~proffessor X's school tour, which uses the trackless technology as you go round the school.
~thor's hammer(this is a backwards coaster, the idea is that thor is furious, and you are sent flying backwards through the power of his hammer)
~a smaller scale version of the broadway spiderman show(max. of 1hour show)
~iron man adventure (a buzz lightyear style ride, but instead of a gun, it is iron man's glove you use to shoot targets)

the lake
the lake will be used to show world of colour, but during the day, boats will travel across it all the time, with some fountains always on. the boats will ferry guests from a port area at the end of hollywood boulevard, to ports at the water lot, the jungle set, the fantasmic area, paradise pier, the future set, and the fx lot. during summer there would also be jetski performances

what do people think? please leave comments