Improving the story of Toon Studio and TSPL

Started by Josh, May 16, 2011, 04:45:54 PM

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Toon Studio seems to be evolving into its own thing; it's like a mini theme park, and not a set of film studios like the rest of the park. This is a couple of cheap ideas to bring the story of Toon Studio inline with the rest of the park.

I think it's important to make guests feel as though they're being transported into a world of toons, very similar to the entrance to Toon Town on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It doesn't need to be a long tunnel like in the film, though (after all, the parade needs to be able to get past, too). Maybe the studio could be surrounded by a brick wall, starting at the Cars ride and ending at the south side of Animagique. Then, there would be a gap where the parade route is.

Props and equipment
Slightly abstract and colourful cartoony props could be left about the area. Cameras, Fantasia brooms, lights, etc.

In Toy Story Playland, it could be converted to look like a filmset. To complete the illusion, there could occasionally be interactions with guests and the toy soldiers. a toy cameraman could be filming guests as they take part in a film.
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I completely agree. The lands original theme was "where the toons go to work," and this hasn't been carried through, apart from Tapis Volant. Even if it was just a giant movie camera at the entrance to  Toy Story Playland, it'd help enforce the idea that this is merely a set in the Toon Studio.