Eurostar - New Logo From April 2011

Started by Adam, March 29, 2011, 03:56:05 PM

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Seen this on Marketing Week:

QuoteEurostar introduces new logo

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 | By Russell Parsons

Eurostar has introduced a new logo as part of an overhaul of its product and service offering that is aimed at making the travel operator the continent's "most loved travel experience".

The new visual identity drops the three lines that represented the three countries that Eurostar previously operated in - England, France and Belgium - in favour of a lower case e with a single line passing through. The company's name has also switched from lower to upper case.

The company says the move is designed to represent the new commercial freedom provided by a change to European law last year that allowed train operators to run services anywhere in the European Union.

The company plans to partner with other operators to offer products and propositions in countries such as Germany and Holland.

Later this year, Eurostar will also add flexible ticketing - allowing business travellers to travel anytime on the day the ticket is bought - to its Business Premier service. It will also offer a mobile product that allows business customers to buy and enter a platform without a ticket.

Its leisure offer, Standard Premier, will be expanded through more partnerships with cultural and leisure attractions in more countries.

The company will also look to sign more celebrity advisers with a soon to be announced celebrity chef to advise travellers on dining out. Musician Jarvis Cocker already offers advice on culture.

Nick Mercer, commercial director at Eurostar, says that he wants to compete with train operators and short-haul airlines.

"We want to make Europe's most loved travel experience. Why can't you make travel and the experience of travelling in Europe and enjoyable thing and differentiate it from airlines and train operators."

Emma Harris, sales and marketing director adds the new logo also provides the Eurostar brand consistency across all markets.

"From a brand perspective, we have previously developed very different identities in each of our core markets, however, as we compete in a deregulated market and expand our reach across Europe, it's vital that we have a consistent brand in all markets."

The new logo will be phased in from 5 April.

Nice logo - I would have kept the star somewhere, but nice on the whole.


Hmmm. I can't quite put my finger on it. It's as if they looked at the silvery, swooshy TGV logo and tried to make a graphic designer duplicate that for the letter "e." I suppose it all depends on the application into the livery. The Thalys logo isn't great either, but the cool burgundy trains make up for it.

The problem with any UK rail operator's corporate identity is that it must always include the color yellow, because UK law requires all trains to have a bright yellow nose.

Ah well. At least they're getting new trains and they might reach Amsterdam and Germany in a few years.


Oh, there we go, pictures of the identity as it will be applied: ... exclusivit

Well, it could have been worse. I like the pictographs. If only the main logo didn't keep reminding me of a tongue and a mouth or something similarly carnal.


Don't really like it if I'm honest, perfer the orginial.
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Looks sleek! :) I like it!
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Very modern. Suits there new trains !

Hathaway Browne

Major downgrade. The previous one was a classic.
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Considering they are bring in the new trains, I think this would suit them very well! Now just to ride them to Disney when they are in service....
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Sweet! Telling by it, it looks like they thought about it a lot. Its looks posh as well, but I do miss the old one as well  :(