Disneyland Park refurbishments

Started by dagobert, May 02, 2011, 01:15:54 PM

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Dlp.info has posted new pictures about the refurb of The Ice Cream Parlour and The Old Mill:
http://www.dlp.info/News/2011/05/lets-m ... -old-mill/
http://www.dlp.info/News/2011/05/gibson ... affolding/

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour:

Photo by InsideDLParis

The Old Mill:

Photo by InsideDLParis


Thanks for posting the photo's Dagobert! :thumbs:


Quote from: "aliscrapper"Thanks for posting the photo's Dagobert! :thumbs:

You're welcome!

Now we can add The Swiss Family Treehouse to the list. According to Dlp.info, the attraction is now also fenced off:

Photo by InsideDLParis

http://www.dlp.info/News/2011/05/advent ... re-rehabs/


I'm glad I made the decision to skip going this year and save up for the 20th, I didn't even think about all the refurbs that would be going on!


And yet another refurbishment taking place, The Orbitron.  I really am now starting to wonder how park capacity is coping with all these refurbs.  At least hopefully this will reinstate the moving mechanisms that have been broken for years now.

And even more strange for DLP, a unique attraction refurbishment sign, have to say it looks good  :D

Source:  InsideDLParis


Thanks for the update.

I feel so sorry for the current guests, especially if they are visiting DLRP for the first time. What isn't fenced off at the moment?


I don't know if Patrick's link to the pictures doesn't work, or maybe it is just my browser, but I'm going to repost the picture of Orbitron:

Photo by InsideDLParis



I guess it's like Fantasyland in WDW.  When I was there in Oct last year, there is a lot or things boarded up, but I know it will be fantastic when it's done, hopefully the same for DLP.


Is there any info if they will tone down the number of refurbs for the summer season? Our trip is in early September, last weekend of the summer season. My two friends will be in DLP for the first time and I haven't been for nearly 15 years. Would be really depressing to see half of DLP behind fences and scaffolding.


Isn't this a little excessive now? I never expected so much to be covered at once, can you imagine being a first time visitor while the park was like this?


Quote from: "dagobert"I don't know if Patrick's link to the pictures doesn't work, or maybe it is just my browser, but I'm going to repost the picture of Orbitron:
Twitpic annoyingly doesn't seem to allow direct image posting.

Here's the themed sign:

Nice idea to use the attraction poster. I guess that's because it's closed till the end of June at least.


Yes it does :-)


Oh, no it doesn't. ;)


You know what, with all these green Walls, do you reckon they've ever thought about putting planters in front?


Quote from: "Columbiad"Oh, no it doesn't. ;)
It only seems to work if you've already viewed the image on Twitpic, so it's saved in your browser cache. Best to just post the link in future!