A new Disney water park based on an old idea.

Started by Columbiad, April 22, 2011, 09:21:27 PM

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All this talk off fountains made me think of how the Disneyland/Magic Kingdom type park could be translated into a water park, for somewhere with limited land space and a hot, hot climate. I haven't yet thought of a name - the obvious choice would be to replace "land" with "sea" in the name, but that comes out with a name of a park very differant from my idea - "DisneySea." Anyway - without further ado:

Main Street USA becomes Main Port USA - same theme, but on a port  :D

Central Plaza becomes Plaza Pools - the main pool.

Frontierland/Adventureland/New Orleans Square becomes Rivers of Adventure. Surrounded by a Jungle Cruise type rubber ring ride, in which you ride the safety rings of a missing paddle steamer and search for it, encountering jungle animals, guysers, cowboys and indians.

Big Thunder Mountain becomes a walk through, similair to Adventure Isle, but with geysers, fountains, caves and hidden gold!

Phantom Manor becomes a resteraunt, a sort of Haunted Mansion meets Explorers club, and briding Main Port and the Western end of Rivers of Adventure with its Victorian architechture.

Cabane des Robinson becomes a rickety wooden flume ride, in which you slide down round the tree and over the river!

Fantasyland becomes Fantasy Lagoon, similair to Fantasyland but with a disticnt Neverland flavour - complte with mermaids!

The Jolly Rodger is here featured as a children's play pool, with a wave machine, water cannons and caves to exlpore.

Dumbo remains the same, but without the control of the ride. Dumbo dips down into the pool below, soaking the rider. (Ok, in reality this would be impractical with rust etc, but hey - a guy can dream!)

The Castle becomes a flume ride. This could possibly be Ariel's Underwater castle. The three pools in front of the castle are closed off (not for swimming in) and feature fountains to create a World of Colour-esque show, but with a differant name, to continue the water theme.

Tomorrowland becomes  Tomorrow's Ocean Terminal. Replace the rockets with submarines and mix in some of the flavour of the new Star Tours exterioir in Anaheim, and you have what I envisage.

The Orbitron becomes the Submitron(ok, naff name!). See Dumbo above.

Space Mountain becomes Deep-sea Voyage (again, I'm not good at exciting names) a high speed water coaster where you spin thorugh caves and past formidable sea creatures in the gloomy dark of the deep-sea!

Also, the small lines dotted about the park represent loungers.  :)

TAADAA!  Your thoughts?


This is a really good idea :thumbs:
Would be a very interesting park :) I really like the idea of ariel's castle being a flume ride. :)
Did you make that map yourself, its very good.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


Ha ha. Brilliant! :D This would be great in somewhere like Spain. I think Space Mountain should keep its theming, though. I'd love to be sliding through space on Space Mountain! XD
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Thanks all! Yeah, disneyrules, I made the map myself. :) I drew up some ideas before making a smart copy and scanning it into Adobe Photoshop Editor and colouring it in! :)

Interesting, Meph, Spain was exactly where I was thinking. I know It had to be somewhere hot, but I wanted it to be somewhere in Europe, as I think te background and histroy behind Frontierland appeals more to Americans, this its minimalization in my plan.

I love the sound of the parade. I would love it to be a soft of boat procession, but that would require an unswimmable river going thorugh the park. Hmm... Thanks, TowMaer- you've got me thinking now. :D


Actually, that's reminded me... isn't it usually tradition to have a giant lazy river going all the way round the water park? ;)
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This is such an amazing park, I can see it fitting right in to DLP. Also, I could see a hotel at the main gates, similar to Disneyland park.


Well, thank you very much, but I don't think that this would fit in DLP at all. This water park is a water-version of a Magic Kingdom, and DLP already has that. I envisioned this park for somewhere hot (obviously) and where there isn't an existing Disney park. I thought that it might make a great mini-resort outside a city.

I agree - a hotel at the entrance would be fantastic. Out of hotels existing, I would love to see the Newport Bay hotel at the entrance. If not, a New Orleans hotel would be wonderful.

That's for the feedback, 15MagicalYears!