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Started by Festival Disney, April 14, 2011, 01:54:28 PM

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Quote from: "Meph"you can't really see the water from the stage. I suppose the fountain effect would need to be very high.
The water mist screens in Fantasmic reach around 30-40ft high!


And actually, the only water area big enough for WoC or fantasmic is lake Disney, so a new area would have to be built. Thats why I think these are just for part of a show


I think WoC is very big for the moat but a show like Fantasmic! is actually nice and can fit the moat around the castle. That would be very nice since they can also project images on the castle not needing the mist screens. Just the fountains and the stage.
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I wouldn´t think that BIG. Maybe they test it in this calm area and make the show in front of the castle. And maybe we only see one effect of another central plaza stage show or maybe (we can pray for it) we see a totally new disney show which mix diffrent effects to something totally new like a mix of some effects of WoC, fantasmic and - don´t forget disney´s newest projection shows - "Disney's The Magic Memories and You!" at Disneyland and MK/WDW.


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Wouldn't a fountain show right up by the castle cause problem with its paintwork? If they had really tall fountains shooting up by the castle every night, surely the castle would get soaked!


I agree, I was worried about a fountain show and the castle getting soaked, it would ruin all the nice new paint work. Then I thought of the rain.
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Tokyo Disneyland had the Cool the Heat show that featured huge fountains and water cannons launching in front and from their Castle.

See the craziness:


Via chow80715 on Youtube


Quote from: "Alan"Wouldn't a fountain show right up by the castle cause problem with its paintwork? If they had really tall fountains shooting up by the castle every night, surely the castle would get soaked!
New color for the castle maybe count with it  - new colours for castle looks like the water leak from the ground to the walls. ;)
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If the castle was going to be ruined by a little water from a fountain wouldn't it get ruined by heavy rainfall? I'm sure it wouldn't affect it too much.


I won't get excited until something is confirmed. Because as someone else said things have a tendency to change at DLP and things we think are going to be big never end up happening. *sigh*
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A little off topic, but firstly I hadn't seen the beautiful Magic, The Memories and You on iasw, that is much more magical than the one at WDW, looks really professional and if you were passing, like something magical is happening to the building.

I've also liked Cool the Heat since it started, it'd never fit Paris due to the weather, but the energy the audience gets and the sheer comedy value of the massive geysers is just something which has always amazed me.

I'd love for these fountains to be intergrated into a show of some form, a water version of what HKDL is doing for their 5th Anniversary would be very pretty and magical. I'll make sure I keep an eye on developments!
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Thing is, those fountains are all either from the castle or from the stage IN FRONT of the stage. Also if this did damage the castle, there would be something wrong


I would go for simple fountains to make the area more peaceful and interesting for walkers by, I think its one of those plussing features, I wouldnt count an attraction itself!  :) I like it though!
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According to Mrs. Pot from Micechat.com, the fountains have already been removed.


Oh. But if they're not going to use them yet, then that does make sense. We'll probably see them back again later in the year.
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