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Started by jackieann, March 23, 2011, 08:18:47 PM

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hi all

Just wondering how often do they have new parades?? would be nice to see a different one soon.



Totally agree with you.  Its getting quite boring for me and its there for ages.
And one more thing: the music at fantillusion is very annoying in my ears.  It was OK for the first time only.
Sorry if someone likes it.
Anyway, I think that parades are only for once or twice occasionally.  They have to change them from time to time or been thematic, ie classic, new generation, etc.
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The parade wont be changed any time soon its only been 5 years, the first parade in some form or another lasted for over 10 years so i expect this one to be the same.


oh thats a shame only saw the last parade once as the following year we went it was OUAD.


I think OUAD parade is a wonder parade and I never tire of seeing it.
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