DLP refurb presentation 25 March 2011 (updated with photos)

Started by Kristof, March 26, 2011, 01:26:31 PM

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Quote from: "Anthony"Free trip? No it wasn't. My little two night break for this cost me a lot of money when you include hotel and trains from the UK, which I had to book at the last minute because we didn't get the details until about two weeks beforehand. (Though it was worth it, of course)

I hadn't thought about that. Disney actually put you in a tricky situation. As anyone who uses the Eurostar knows, the later you book it, the more expensive it is. So while it's great that Disney invited you to this special event, it kind of sucks that they did it at such short notice, forcing you to pay for overpriced Eurostar tickets!

People that live 15-30 minutes away from the theme parks (in France) are really blessed when it comes to this kind of reporting, as they can visit within a few hours notice, and do it without any of the associated Eurostar and Hotel Room charges.


has anyone seen the post about water fountains in the castle moat? was this not mentioned at the presentation?