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Started by dagobert, March 14, 2011, 04:50:50 PM

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I was just reading through DCP and I found a very interesting topic about a new hotel.

Baym007 has posted a plan from mick of "le forum des Amis du Val D'Europe":
http://disneycentralplaza.englishboard. ... ey-studios

The hotel is in the upper right corner. It seems this plan is about the expansion of Val D'Europe. Maybe it is a third party hotel, because I can imagine that Disney would use the space between DV and NPB.


Oh wow, now that's a find!

The layout and the tag "Backlot Hotel" makes me imagine it to be an actual Disney hotel... although the location from an access point of view is very strange. Would they really let a parter hotel build practically inside a park, which is what this would be when the park has expanded fully backwards? It'd be comparable to, say, Paradise Pier hotel in California at least. I agree with you Dagobert that the spare plot around Lake Disney would surely be the first location for any new hotel, but that doesn't mean they won't reserve another for when the Studios has expanded...

The view from that spot would be rather nice. Here's the location on Street View: ... 04,,0,6.77

Fascinating :-)


If Disney is going to build a new hotel, I think they would use the space near DV first. Maybe they could incorporate the DV-expansion into the hotel, like they did in Anaheim with the Grand California Hotel.

The location of the Backlot Hotel is indeed strange, since all important places, like DV or the train station, are on the other side. But at WDW the hotels are everywhere and so you have to take a bus and that would be same here.

Since it will still take many years until the park has extended to that point, the view will not be great. I don't want to see the back of the stuntarena and RnRC. Maybe there will be a lake in the future with a water show, that would be a fantastic view.


And let the speculation begin! :D

It does seem as though the hotel is built to have a view of an expanded version of the park, though. It would make sense if the hotel had a view of a future like (and no doubt the hotel would be built as part of that expansion). Assuming that a World of Colour show is built on the lake, that hotel would have a really great view.

However, there is the issue with noise. Would hotel guests complain if a noisy WoC show is keeping them awake?

Either way, this would be a great Disney Hotel. I imagine it would be a cheap one, though, because you'd need a shuttle bus to get to the parks.

EDIT: What's that orange building at the top of the map in the corner of the road? Why does it have a wide path at the back of it that leads towards the park? :? A second entrance for the locals?
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Seems a bit too far away from the resort for it to be an actual Disney Hotel.

And when I say resort, I mean Village, social area's etc.


Quote from: "Martyn"Seems a bit too far away from the resort for it to be an actual Disney Hotel.

And when I say resort, I mean Village, social area's etc.

Val d'Europe should be close enough imho.  Besides, they could make it like the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World.


^ Val d'Europe is not very Disney though, is it? It wouldn't feel like you're on the actual Disney resort staying there.


It is the epitome of Disney. suggest you read the original concept for EPCOT. Val De Europe is the closest thing to the real Epcot. There is also fantastic dining available too.

And my villa on the Golf course feels far more like a resort than any of the Disney hotels.
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If the roads are developed as they are depicted in the masterplan from a few years ago, it wouldn't actually be that far to walk to the parks at all: ... ion_01.jpg

About the same distance as Hotel Cheyenne, maybe. The problem at the minute is that the whole Convention Centre area is undeveloped, so coming from Val d'Europe you have to walk right down to the big roundabout and then up again.

Something I wish they'd do with Val d'Europe is add a new entrance to the shopping centre from the North side, maybe even a whole new arcade over the TGV tracks to link up to the bridge behind: ... 21,,0,3.24 The shopping centre is beginning to act like a giant barrier across the town.