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Started by glenn, March 18, 2011, 03:17:23 PM

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i have been reading this forum for quite a few years now and have always been interested in what davewasbaloo had to say and latly he has been very negative about dlp and rightly so.when i first went in 94 the hotels were spotless the castmembers were unbeilably polite the food was a lot better,the burgers were a lot bigger,all the resteraunt staff had a dance routine.in the park they had good morning main st,a show every day on the stage in fantaryland,beauty and the beast in vidiopolis,cowboys shooting it out in frontiersland,the electric light parade in my opinion the best parade ever,they also had mini parades eg toy story,hercules.there was so much to see and do,but now it just seems it.s about getting as much money out of guests if there isn,t too many side shows they will spend more money.don,t get me wrong i still love the place,it just isn,t as good as it was.


Glenn, we have a quite a number of topics already about the (lack of) quality. Feel free to use the search form.

Tnx :-)