Euro Disneyland map in The Storybook Store

Started by luke85, January 05, 2010, 11:10:02 PM

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Quote from: "Nicolai"Hurrah indeed! And what a great find, Anthony!! Could you please provide a higher resolution version of this scan? I would love to print this out. Also what is the issue of En Coulisse you found this in? I will keep my eyes open on eBay to find this one ...
Sure, I didn't realise until I posted that Flickr downsized it. Here's a much bigger version: ... mMcKim.jpg

As for which issue, I'm not sure... It's lost amongst the pile again! Perhaps December 1994? The magazines from 1993 onwards are unfortunately quite hard to find.


Wow - great find, Anthony.

I dont suppose anyone knows what the image is below the Fantasyland banner? Looks like a couple dancing? What is this?

Is this not where the Fantasia Gellati is?


This couple is Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. WDI designed a Beauty and the Beast theatre at this place. Unfortunately it never became reality.


I have the 1992 version on my bedroom wall! My parents bought it for me on my very first trip to Disneyland when I was just 18 months old. It's hung right next to my bed ever since. Unfortunately, it's not in great condition - I guess at the time my parents didn't think too much about keeping it pristine so didn't bother with a frame, and being only 4 years old, I didn't take much care either, so the corners are all a bit torn.

Still, that doesn't take anything away from the map itself. When I was much younger, I used to stare at it for ages before I went to bed, taking note of all the tiny details, and when we had upcoming Disney trips, I'd be sure to point out to my parents every night the rides we were going to do the minute we arrived at the parks. So even though it's not in mint condition, it's still just as special for me :]


I used to own one, either from 92 or 93...  ](*,)  ](*,)  ](*,)

March 1995 - Walt Disney World Florida


there was a part of Michael Eisner's opening speech printed on it, if I remember correctly

March 1995 - Walt Disney World Florida


I was lucky enough to get one of the Euro Disneyland versions from '92 two years ago in ebay. I've got a scan of it on my old harddisk - I'll check back ;)
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Yes I still have mine from `92 I must get it framed.


I believe there is an old Euro Disney map up in the City Hall.

I should have an old one from opening year somewhere at my parent's house too, but sadly I have no clue where.
I do know where my Michellin Euro Disney map (they sold them back in 1992) is though, which is something at least I suppose :)


I have several of them if you need it still