Volt - Les Effets Speciaux / Bolt - Special Effects!

Started by Anthony, February 10, 2009, 08:44:17 PM

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Great idea this could really work and would mean the backlot could used more. I've always thought the backlot has more potential.
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Captain Pan

Anthony: After Seeing the Movie... I whole heartily agree with the entire concept!

I doubt there is actually anything I can suggest that would add to the experience you have quite aptly placed for the fans...

But when or maybe if I shall come up with something (Something better than that graphic) I will unleash it here...


Ring, ring! Who's there?! Destiny? I've been expecting your call.


A little gift for this Fantastic idea (i love armageddon, but this will be a better solution than narnia^^)

Hope you enjoy it:

I hope that everything is ok! :D I added  some light spot 4 the pidgeons...
And transform the photo's wall in the existing portrait wall (it's for the budget :D)

If we need some correction contact me ^^...
If the works continues in this way it will be open for this summer :D


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Whoa! Awesome!  :mrgreen:

The whole colours/characters/tone of the film just fits this building and the land perfectly. It's very "Backlot", but also something you can warm to a bit more, characters you care about. Backlot has some very cool attractions, but between them none really have much of a "soul" like say Tower of Terror, Cars or even CinéMagique do.

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That is absolutely brilliant, it looks so good. It'd fit into Backlot amazingly well. Well done =D>


If we need some other artworks...just ask me! ^^

Playhouse Disney Live On Stage!