Disneyland Hotel - How Many Rooms Have Balconies?

Started by CafeFantasia, February 01, 2011, 01:43:33 PM

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How many rooms at the Disneyland Hotel have balconies facing the park? Do you only get a balcony if you stay in a suite? Is it easy to watch the summer fireworks from one of the hotel's rooms if you don't have a balcony?

Also, does the Castle Club only include suites, or are there regular sized rooms in the Castle Club?


Some of the normal rooms face the park, but on an angle and they may not have balconies. The Castle Club is basically suites, but they do offer junior suites, which are smaller but in the wings and not in the main Castle Club area.

You can get a balcony or terrace if you are not staying in a suite, as many normal rooms have these, but may not get a view.

For the fireworks, if you are not outside, you can view from the restaurants or look through the restaurants from the rotunda.


When we went in 2002 we had a normal sized room in the castle club. We didn't have a balcony and we didnt overlook the park at all.


Thanks for those great replies.

While I think having a room in the Disneyland Hotel facing the park at an angle would be nice, it wouldn't be that great for viewing the fireworks, not unless you can open the windows fully. And if the Disneyland Hotel is anything like the Sequoia Lodge, the windows are glued shut.

So if you can get a normal sized room in the Castle Club, what's the benefit of staying in the Castle Club?


I'd say about 10 rooms have balconies facing the park in the Castle Club... From what I can remember, though of course I'm probably wrong! You would get a great view of the fireworks from there!

I can't remember if the windows could be opened, probably not though because I do remember taking pictures through the glass... Normal windows that is, of course you can open the balcony doors!

The park view rooms are always the first to go, so if you want to stay in the CC you may have to settle for a non view room... At least they're cheaper! And you still get all the perks! Lift straight down to the park entrance, access to the CC lounge (best place EVER for a perfect start to the day, having a yummy breakfast overlooking the park...), and of course the VIP fastpasses! Even without the view, the Castle Club is a great (though over priced) place to stay!


We stayed in the DH a few times and had balconies that you could see in to the from . The rooms were at an angle , but we were on the higher floor and step out to look down on to the Main Street Station and into the park ! The view was slightly restricted , but it was still a really good sight. I don't think any of the regular rooms face the park , they save that for the CC , and even then you are not guaranteed the park view . I will try to look up the room numbers for you tomorrow and post them.The rooms we had were on a corner and only had one bed and a bed settee , so think they are not so popular with a family group.