The "original" DLRP of 1992

Started by kate&phoo, January 22, 2011, 12:09:49 PM

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HKDL doesn't have half the rides, and they are getting TSPL, and in the Magic Kingdom, too. They've had the same fireworks for over 5 years.  At least DLP have tried something new. I love Enchanted. They don't have Disney Village.  They don't have a nightime parade. But they do have two shows, Golden Mickeys and Lion King. I like DLP better. DLP has all my favourite rides and that helps to keep me entertained. Tarzan is coming back, at least that's what I've read, and I 'm hoping the Lion King will be, so we can watch a show inside in the winter when it starts to rain. I'm a Disney theme park fan too, and I want all their parks to do well. EuroDisney is ment to be a for profit company, maybe they have to take some tough business decisions, and make difficult cuts and do some compromising on fireworks, etc.
Ed & David