Family Of Former Tunisian President Staying at DLH

Started by dagobert, January 16, 2011, 04:31:35 PM

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Take a look at this article on

If you've watched the news recently you probably know that North-African country Tunisia is going through very dramatic events with almost every Tunisian demonstrating in the streets for their liberty after years of dictature. More than 66 people were killed by police and hundred wounded since the last three weeks. Finally, last night, president-dictator Ben Ali flew out of the country leaving Tunisia in chaos after 23 years of evil reign. His corrupted family members also left the country the last days.

Well, It's hard to believe, but members of Ben Ali family - including apparently one of his daughter - have found refuge at the Disneyland Paris hotel! And in three VIP suites of the "Castle Club" - the luxury section of the hotel - please! According to french daily newspaper Le Parisien the rooms are reserved until sunday and a very particular mood is floating inside the Disneyland Paris hotel as in the hall four tunisian security agents who probably arrived with the family were looking at anyone walking around. Others were listening to conversations and hotel guests who wanted to have dinner in the hotel restaurants needed to be escorted by one of the DLP hotel security men, etc...

DLP could easily find better publicity than having at its most luxurious hotel the family of one of Arab country's worst dictator, family also hated by all Tunisians. The only good alibi for the park is that until last night Ben Ali who flew away in the evening to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia was still Tunisia's president. And i can agree that it was difficult for the park "diplomatically speaking" to refuse members of Tunisia president's family.

Okay, now that the coward flew away and left his country in chaos, throw these bastards out of the Castle Club!

Edited: A Disneyland Hotel official just announced that Ben Ali's family left the Disneyland Hotel saturday late afternoon for an unknown destination. Good. May be the park finally understood what huge mistake it was to have them at the hotel. Not to mention the risk of riot in the hotel from tunisians people living in France now that everyone knew where to find them.

Bad press for DLRP in my opinion. What do you think.