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Started by Anthony, September 18, 2005, 10:22:43 PM

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It sounds like our very own Moteurs... Action! has had some major changes to it which make it faster paced and more fluid - like it's new cousin at Walt Disney World.  It has been rumoured for a while that they'd implement the changes in the WDW show in the Paris version, and now it seems to have finally happened.

"wdisneygallery" on DLRP Magazine Forum saw the new version of the show at 11am this morning and says the following changes have been made:

- the 2 presenters have been replaced by recorded voice-overs
- no more intervention by "assistant directors" and so on...
- ALL extra scenes between "takes"(stunts) have been cut
- the explanation of how the hero car turns backwards behind the scenes has been cut
- music is played into the stadium during stunt transitions
- transitions between stunts are much much faster
- no more radio controlled car
- new multi-angle replays during the stunt transitions (the time between each stunt)

As a conclusion, "wdisneygallery" says:

- the show is much fast-paced and more fluid, lasting around 30mins
- the voice overs are a bit "cold"

Another forum member points out that removing the live presenters leaves the show without the important "human" element, which I think is a really important point.  It also means you don't get any kind of insight into how they're doing the stunts and how action movies are made...

These changes will make the show better for people who see it repeatedly, but I don't think they will necessarily make it a better overall show...

What do you think?  :?


This news is AWEFUL.  The wdw version was an insult!!


It needs to be changed back


The show has been changed back since this change in 2005, as has the WDW one which I saw last month, and is more a clone of our show. However, I would like to see a hybrid of the non-presented show and the current run, with less talking unless needed.
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Doesn't sound right at all.
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Lol, I nearly threw a paddy, then I noticed that date on the posts!

I was going to say, I've been to DLP 6 times since 2005, and it was always the same normal show...


Do they still do that rather lame McQueen bit?
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Yeah, it's still in the show. It is just a terrible addition, Herby was at least quirky with the split car, but the Lightning McQueen part is just slow product placement which even kids don't seem to enjoy.
"...keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things" - Walt.


I agree.

I saw the show for the first time with McQueen recently.  As much as I love Cars, I really don't think it fitted with the show.  The "themed" cars seemed to be driven far too slowly and carefully for what is supposed to be a fast stunt show.  If they'd had McQueen and the bad guy doing a few handbrake turns and skids then it would have been a lot more fun.  Sadly, as my girlfriend said at the time, it seemed they were just waaaay too careful with the themed cars.