[EDV] Halloween Haunt: The Origins of Pumpkinmen

Started by Patrick, October 16, 2006, 01:04:44 PM

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They say they came from another universe, they say some come from Big Thunder Mountain, or some just say they walzed through the turnstyles into the park, whatever you believe about these rather odd looking orange people, don't be fooled they are not here for boring Princesses and Mickey, they are here to make Disneyland Resort Paris Orange.  But how exactly did these orange pumpkins morth into half man, half pumpkin, now heck they even want women's votes :P .

Well our story begins, as most do in a time long ago, well not so long ago, back in 2003, when some Entertainment people in Disneyland Resort Paris decided it was time to beat Tokyo at their own game and well do more than the usual Walt Disney World offerings and so the story of these orange people appeared to the horror of certain people.  Though to many they are fun, fabulous and just what Paris needed to turn Halloween from a simple month of Halloween Happenin and a couple of villains into a full blown season.

Coming from another world, named Halloweentown, the Pumpkinmen arrived every year to decorate Frontierland, naming it Halloweenland, of course though they did all the hard work and got nothing for it.  People did not even know they decorated, people only went looking for Witches, ghouls, goblins, anyone but the Pumpkins.  So in 2003 the Pumpkinmen got everything done in Halloweenland, their portal to our world and ran to Main Street, to start their attempt to be known over halloween, the new name they wanted for Main Street, "Pumpkin Street".  The Town's people had placed up Christmas decor too early in the form of the Arches of Winter and the Pumpkinmen used this to their advantage, painting these and everything they possibly could orange, even gaining help from ghosts to fly all around and paint higher parts of Main Street.  

However as one certain witch arrived in Halloweenland a bit early for this years celebrations she flew over to Main Street to see all the commotion, saw the pumpkinmen, though since she was staring too much down towards the ground she did not see the Arches and flew straight into it, crashed and her magical spells exploded all over Main Street freezing the whole Street, including all Pumpkinmen in their painting efforts.  Suddenly the residents the next day saw the monstrosity that become of their wonderful pristine street and before people could enter it for another day at Disneyland Park they chose to name the street, Spooky Street.


cool work patrick! yet another great artical!
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Thanks! It's great as usual!

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Thanks, it was very intersting :)


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Nicelly done!
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