Disneyland Paris and Disney Stores Sign Deal With Mastercard

Started by Adam, January 11, 2011, 03:16:03 PM

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Just read a press release confirming that Disney and Mastercard have signed a 6 year deal, which will cover Disneyland Paris and Disney Stores. It will mean that Mastercard will be prominentally displayed in Disney Stores and DLP, as well as getting involved in marketing opportunities.

However, the key one is that they will be looking at ways to offer benefits to customers through events, payment solutions and promotions for Mastercard customers, which may offer discounts and offers when purchasing holiday with Mastercard.

All very interesting - more @ http://corporate.disneylandparis.com/CO ... orship.pdf


So out with AmEx, in with Visa, out with Visa, in with MasterCard. Good news for me.

I wonder why these deals never stick?


So it seems VISA isn't a sponsor of DLRP anymore. On the official DLRP wbsite Mastercard is already listed instead of VISA.

I wonder if the contract will be extended to the USA after the one with VISA expires there as well.


Quote from: "pussinboots"So out with AmEx, in with Visa, out with Visa, in with MasterCard. Good news for me.

I wonder why these deals never stick?

Good question. I don't know. Especially at DLRP there is an in and out of new sponsors. First Renault, then Opel followed by Ford and now there is no official car.

I think TWDC had a lot to do that Mastercard will replace VISA at DLRP, since Mastercard will be connected to the Disney Stores as well.


Also, it is a long deal - 6 years - so they must have decided to settle on Mastercard after all the moving around.

However, I do remember their agreement with Credit Mutuel a year and a half ago (https://www.creditmutuel.fr/cmcee/fr/ba ... 009_en.pdf) - I wondering if this is over now too.


what difference does this actually make?  they still accept other cards don't they?  i know in the US you can get a Disney Visa card which gives you special discounts, do they offer anything similar in Europe does anyone know?
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