What characters would you like to see more off?

Started by ben mcqueen, January 04, 2011, 07:27:24 PM

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I would like to see more of the beast well any characters from BATB would make my day but not in their human form just to be awkward!
I'd also like to see the characters from Robin Hood and the Sword in the Stone.
I would have said previously the Jungle Book and The Lion King but with the Jungle of the Rhythms photo point i have received these.

I would like them to be meet and greets though not a scrum. I love the random characters that come out by Its a Small World though as its normally pretty quiet.
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I would love if there would bei fix dates for the Charakters of Alice. We are searching them every year, but last year we asked the CM about the times and this time we were really lucky we met them every time there as he said. Thanx for that. Always about 13:30 or 14:00 we met them.

The new Princess Pavillion is in my opinion not good. Before i did not wait sooooooooooooooo long and there was always a chance for the childs to see the princess even if u can not wait. Now the child of my Friend did not see them coz it was always too full. We always tried it in different times but waiting 2 hours was to long.
The same in meeting Mickey. I think u can see him so often it is not needful a special Meeting Place.

Really this time i missed Chip and Chap. We saw them just on the train but Photo was not possible coz they were there just shortly. Not even in the hotel (Sequoia) or Studios normaly we met them there...

I would like to meet more Marry Poppins and it would be so great if there would be Tinkerbell.
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I think it would be awesome if they would add a Mother Gothel face character in the parks!
She is one of my favorite villains, and she has such and outstanding personality. I would love to meet her.


ludwig von drake (he's at wdw), penguins from  mary poppins and roger rabbit
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QuoteI think it would be awesome if they would add a Mother Gothel face character in the parks!
She is one of my favorite villains, and she has such and outstanding personality. I would love to meet her.

Now that would make a new villaine for Halloween. I would never have thought of her, great thought!


Quote from: "Princess Chloe"I would love to see all the seven dwarfs, mulan, pocohontus, charecters from hunchback of notredame and defintly Jack skellington all year round.

Second to that! Nothing cuter than seeing all Seven dwarfs walking together! and Pocahontas, Mulan and Esmeralda are some of the most amazing disney characters created! I would like to see Hercules and Megara too :)!

On note a similar I do miss seeing the princesses with their princes, instead of just being themselves :)

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Max! Goofy's son! :)
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Quote from: "Fairest-one-of-all"I think it would be awesome if they would add a Mother Gothel face character in the parks!
She is one of my favorite villains, and she has such and outstanding personality. I would love to meet her.

My daughter LOVES mother gothel! Calls her mother goggle as she cant say it yet lol. Think shes always confused at the end of the film why repunzel goes back  :lol:


Pocahontas would be AMAZING (it's one of my fave Disney movies), Marie (like lots of people are saying! didn't know she was so popular!), ANY characters from Alice in Wonderland because i've never seen any there.. But to be honest, i'd die a happy girl if i met Jack and Sally :D :pumpkin:


-definatly marie from aristocats i feel like her popularity gets bigger every year, my girlfriend is tellinv tat is the most important one
- tinkabell with the faries from pixie hollow, including terrance and blaze
-hunchback of notre dame
- lilo and stich
- people in tron outfits would be cool as well
- wall - e, how have they not done this already ! it should be simple (i hope it is anyway)
- mulan
- i would realy love to have jack and sally around at christmas as well, halloween is to short a period to be there
- ive not seen woodie, buzz or jessie around i would like that (unless im just missing them)
- a better arranged monsters inc with boo (the one in the studios was a nightmere, sully was not nice to my girlfriend so we csme to the conclusion it wasnt the real sully .... it was an imposter)
- oswald :) i welcome him with open arms


I would like to see Clarabelle and Horace
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Top of the list are Phineas and Ferb!! That would be amazing!! They are by far my 2 boys favourite cartoon at the moment!

Sadly we missed Jessie last time we were there - met both Woody and Buzz - but yes, what's up with her neck?!?!! That looks so weird!!

Also I would love Darth Vader and C3PO - the boys have just discovered Star Wars, so that would be great!

We saw the group of characters going to the meet & greets on the central plaza, but only realised when we got home and saw the photos, that Scrooge McDuck was in one of the cars!!!! Damn...!!! I would have run back there to get a photo with him!! So would love to see him out and about more!!

---> btw. does anyone know if you can ask at City Hall in the morning, which characters go to the central plaza that day??

Alice and the Mad Hatter would be great (The labyrinth was shut for refurb when we went, so not much going on there).

There were really not that many characters just walking about when we were there (march 2012). Only saw Sully, Jafar, King Louie and Baloo outside of the arranged meet & greets.... And we were there for 5 days!!!  :?

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definitely Pocahontas and Meeko! Pocahontas has always been my favourite Disney film, I hate that there's pretty much nothing about her :(


I would love to see Tinkerbell and the other fairirs from Pixie Hollow. Also the characters from Tarzan and some Bambi characters like Thumper and Flower!


OOOO and maybe Hercules, Megara and Phil? they would be awesome to see too!