What characters would you like to see more off?

Started by ben mcqueen, January 04, 2011, 07:27:24 PM

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Mushu, Mulan, Mad hatter, Piglet, Stormtroopers and Alice :)
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i would like to see more star wars characters and all year round as my son loves them, as for my daughter she would like to see more of the seven dwarfs.
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i would love to see Marie around the Paris parks more often.... after all her movie is based in France it would make sense.... my sister saw that parade from late June where the visiting VIP was there and Marie was in the parade.... she literally cried for half an hour she was devastated, shes been a fan of Marie pretty much since birth, collected Marie things since she turned 2 when got her first cuddly Marie from the Disney store (its grown to a massive 48 now in varying sizes.... and it put it in perspective, she saw a Marie in the window when we where at dlrp in Jan, spent the 5 days we where there trying to get it out, failed and then spent the next 8 months trying to find one on eBay, finally finding one just before her birthday in august) so a presence of Marie would make my sisters day....
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Princess Alexa

tarzan would be a pretty interesting idea, i wonder how they would clothe him so that he was suitable  :-k

also, aladdin and jasmine are my favourites and they are always around in the other parks but i would love to see them more here!

finally, i dont know if any of you have seen it, but in california there is a peter pan character called 'huggy pan' and he is great at interacting with vistors and staying in character. There are loads of videos of him on youtube and he never fails to make me smile!


I'd like to see Belle more at the parks because whenever I visit the parks, I only see her on a rare occasion.
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Quote from: "Princess Alexa"tarzan would be a pretty interesting idea, i wonder how they would clothe him so that he was suitable  :-k

Here is a picture of Tarzan at WDW:

Have more pictures here: Tarzan at Disney Character Central

As far as characters I would like to see at DLP:  Three Little Pigs, The Brers, 7 Dwarfs, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, various characters that would fit in Discoveryland (Atlantis characters, Treasure Planet characters), and also wish they would get the "new" characters when their movies come out like WDW

Overall I think DLP does a great job with their variety of characters especially considering their size... but more would always be better :D
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I would like to see maybe some more characters from the Pirates Of The Caribbean films to go with Jack Sparrow.
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I would love to see the Dapper Dans, sluefoot Sue, Pesos Bill, Sorrow, Davy Crockett, Captain Memo, Jessica Rabbit, more Maleficent, Jessica Rabbit, storm troopers, darth vader, Jessica Rabbit, R2D2 and C3PO, and did I say Jessica Rabbit ;-)
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And Casey's corner pianist, native American craftsman and dancers, cancan dancers ,and jack skellington all year long.
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Martin B

Surely they have to bring Lotso over. You think he would be here apart from on those 'special days' due to TSPL and the popularity he has in America.

Phineas, Ferb and Jake NP would be great near the playhouse disney attraction in the studios.
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Defo Lotso for me. My girls were really gutted when i told them we would not see him. He is one of there fave Toy Story characters.

My oldest dd has always wanted to meet Stinky Pete. The solid one in Woodys Roundup just does not cut the musturd with her

Princess Chloe

I would love to see all the seven dwarfs, mulan, pocohontus, charecters from hunchback of notredame and defintly Jack skellington all year round.


Personally I would like to see Lotso, Bullseye, Angel, Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
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May have said that before, but I would love to see a princess together with her prince at the Princess Pavillon.


Marie, Mulan, Belle and Adam/Beast, UP Characters!, Angel, Lilo, Stitch, Pegasus, Aladdin and Jasmine around the The Streets of Agrabah (think thats what it's called.), Pinocchio. ;)

Also I think there should be an orderley queue to meet them, it is like a rugby scrum queueing for the unorganized greets.

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