What characters would you like to see more off?

Started by ben mcqueen, January 04, 2011, 07:27:24 PM

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ben mcqueen

Hi all,

After the recent news that Darth Vader has been brought back for meet and greets around Star Tours, it got me thinking what characters would you like to see more of, or havent even seen at all around the parks for meet and greets?

For me it would have to be Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer bear, the last time i saw them in Disneyland Paris must have been over 10 years ago, i know that the reason may be because there isn't a Splash Mountain at Disneyland Paris but i still think they would fit right in wandering around Frontierland, who would you guys like to see more off?



I would like to Meet Alice (in wonderland), Esmeralda (hunchbak of notre dame) Pocahontas and meeko! I know these characters are seen around the parks from time to time, moreso at halloween season for some reason but personally I have never seen or met them!
Luv Aveen xoxo


Hmmm, I would rather we had more streetmousphere and bands appropriate to the themes of the park. In the American parks, it used to be you would see something like that at virtually every turn.

Character meet and greets are too much of a scrum in Europe. But I wouldn't mind a Roger and Jessica Rabbit meet, more villains and Jack Skellington outside of Halloween season, and the Dapper Dans are my number 1.
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I would like to see Scrooge McDuck more often. I have only seen him once.


Mike, Nemo and Wall-E would be fab :P

Martin B

Quote from: "dagobert"I would like to see Scrooge McDuck more often. I have only seen him once.

I saw him on the 28th December! :)
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i dont want other characters, just an updated version of woody, jesse, and buzz: they used to scare me as a little kid. They should look more like the movie !!!


I would like to see Alice, Clopin, Esmerelda and some more of the villains randomly walking around (not just during Halloween) Also Belle in her blue dress would be nice. =]
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Belle in her blue dress is seen around Christmas, I believe. Never saw her in blue.
My daughter would say Angel in a second.
I have never seen Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Scrooge, 7 Dwarfs, Marie, them I would like to see.


I'd like to see more of Disney's modern characters, such as Bolt, Mittens and Rhino. That said, these costumes are a little off-model :D


I'd like to see characters in lands coordinating with themselves, like in my recent trip I saw Gepetto and Eeyore in Adventureland together. How confusing? Both have nothing to do with each other and neither of their stories happen in an exotic location :? .

I'd also like to see some characters that are popular in the other resorts find their way to DLP, like Marie or Thumper & Miss Bunny.


Defo would like to see Jack Skellington outside of halloween, me and the other half love him, but going at halloween really isnt an option at the mo, also pocahontas and ive never seen tinkerbell apart from in fantillusion, so wouldnt mind seeing her as well :belle: xx
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I would love to see Piglet around the park!!!!!!!
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Martin B

The seven dwarves are often used in advertising material but I've never ever seen them in the parks, except for Dopey in a parade.

Other characters that are frequent at other parks such as Marie, Thumper, Phil, LOTSO, Mr.Potato Head etc. should find their way over to Paris.

A LOTSO meet and great in toy story playland would be a massive pull!!!

I also agree with the theming. Why is Donald Duck placed in Toy Story playland? A very long list of misplaced characters follows.

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Tinkerbell and Lilo.
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