Rapunzel & Flynn from Disney's Tangled arrive

Started by Anthony, November 07, 2010, 08:41:33 PM

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Ah, thanks Anthony!!

Festival Disney

I just read on Character Central that when the Magical Moments Festival begins, Rapunzel and Flynn will move to a new dedicated meet and greet area near the old mill, which makes sense with the construction fences Kristof reported around the old ferris wheel queue line.
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I wonder if they'll use the Mill itself as part of the meet & greet, and weave her hair through the structure? Could lead to some nice photo opportunities!

It's quite a good use of the area too, there's already a queueline, the ride is rustic and fits with their time period, and the area itself was under visited and needed a bit of a clean up. So this could be a good move, it seems 2011 will be the year of more meet and greets, but with actual planning and a bit of effort put into them!
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