Found a fantastic video by Martin

Started by davewasbaloo, November 07, 2010, 01:20:22 AM

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This is really great and shows why we all love DLP (and why some of us old timers get annoyed when the quality disappears - look at the Emporium, Cancan dancers, geysers, Tarzan SHow, Fireworks). But still, enjoy this excellent video:
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Thanks for the link  davewsbaloo , they are great videos , almost like a Disney promotional video they are so well done , not watched them all yet , 3 hours of them to relive the magic ! After a disastrous and disappointing trip back to WDW in Feb, after many years of not going , it makes me appreciate DLP  all the more , and how beautiful it is !! (Especially repainted ! )


Nice find Davewasbaloo, some excellent footage there, thanks. So many reminders of things gone bye, I feel all nostalgic.
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