Will Duffy The Disney Bear Come To DLRP

Started by dagobert, October 26, 2010, 10:31:04 AM

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Now Duffy the Disney Bear also invaded the US parks, I wonder if he will also come to Paris as well?

I think Duffy is huge success in Tokyo and now in the US, too.

Maybe I would buy him for children if I would have some, because he looks so cute.


If Duffy is the success in the US he will come to Paris soon! I think the story around him is amazing! for the people who haven't heard:

"Mickey was so far away, traveling, so many times that Minnie made him a teddy bear so he would never be lonely. And now its possible to buy your own Duffy!"

I love how the outfits are all themed around EPCOT (Great, great idea!) Anyway it sounds like a great way to sell loads of merchandise and that mean loads of extra income and more money for new attractions :P

Duffy arrived in Walt Disney World like this:

I love it... just saying...


Really? you think that back story is amazing? I thought how crass, cheap and pathetic it was! Mickey has a teddy bear, and in the photo ops which are close to each other, his teddy bear is actualy bigger than him!!

Its not actually a huge success in the US. This is the 3rd time they have launched Duffy in the US parks. It has failed twice, but given its success in Japan, and the money it creates they are desperate for it to take off. Toys and "cute" characters are big business in Japan, just look at "hello kitty" a national institution over there, so they have taklen to Duffy really well, with long lines when ever a new costume is released.

In the states, even this launch the reception has been luke warm. The lines for the Photo ops have dwindled already, and apparently sales of Duffy have not been stella. That said, Diseny really want this to work to form another revenue stream, so im pretty sure they wont rest until it is. As they say 3rd time lucky... But because its the thrid time, it smacks of desperation to me, not of a wonderful back story.


From MiceAge I'm getting the impression that he's been less of a runaway hit than they'd hoped in Anaheim. Lines for the meet 'n' greet have certainly been on the short side.

Whoops! Sorry Penfold, you beat me to it.


I love the fact that the patch on his face is a Mickey Mouse sillouette.


It's the third time Disney tries to bring him to the US? I thought it's the second attempt.
I really thought that it is success now.


Admit, he's cute :oops:

I think it would be great if he comes to DLRP! :D
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i want one!!!!


Duffy the disney bear...well...Duffy is in my opinion just a big marketing bang. I don´t think the story is really great. Sorry but "Minnie makes a bear for mickey. Mickey takes him to every place on the world" and that´s it??? Is this the disney qualitly of storytelling or is it just one of this stories you get from a marketing group sitting around for an hour or two. Cause I work in this business I can tell you: It´s the second kind of thing. I think they just realise that much little kids love their bear and that....OMG!!!...they haven´t one to sell.

If it´s something from Tokyo it show to me that also tokyo isn´t the new master of disney stories. Sorry, again: "Minnie makes a bear for mickey?! Mickey shows him the world"?? Never heard such a cheap story and I even think duffy the disney bear is one of the cheapest and most tacky merchandise things ever. Just a new character to get some money out. Nothing more.

For this: I don´t like to see this cheap bear at DLP.
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I didn't know it was the second or third attempt to bring him to the US. And I haven't seen any numbers on the sales in the US so I cant say if it is a success yet, plus that I can imagine that the lines at Tokyo weren't extreme long the first few weeks. So I think we should give them some time now as well.

I agree that the story is not a full 'Disney story' as in movies or attractions. But you gotta admit it is a great way to adjust a random bear in to the Disney Magic. And off course is it just an easy way to sell stuff and make more money but its a corporation, thats what they do.

The Japanese are insane for characters like Duffy and Hello Kitty etc, I think the European audience would have some trouble with the bear concept. Then again I thought the same with the Vinylmations, but they seem to be a good success in Paris.

The photo opps with the giant Duffy, bigger than  Mickey isnt that good, on board with that. But than again: Cinderella is only 15 cm bigger than the little mice from the same story and ... so the bear beeing just as big as mickey shouldn't really be an issue from my perspective. Anyway I think the introduction in EPCOT, with all different outfits in different countries around world showcase is pretty cool.


Its a case of each to their own, and everybody has different opinions. But for me, its too much of a marketing ploy, without imagination.

Apparently the first time it was sold in the states it was simply put on the shelves without any fanfare or marketing, just another line for sale. The second time it was "launched" with a marketing push, but still didnt take off. This time they have created the "back story", and added photo ops in both Epcot and DCA. They have also let him take over half a shop in Epcot, hence the link with costumes. I think its this that annoys me, the "you will like and buy this" attitude haha.

Im all for new and unique additions, particularly if they are themed characters from the attractions such as the ghosts merchandise or in Epcot "Figment the Dragon" from Journey into the imagination. I really feel they have a place and add value.

But for me Duffy is just a generic teddy bear, without any real substance or point, apart from making money. I hope it does, and I hope its a great success, but for me I would much rather the create a line with real story or link to the park, I dont know maybe a range of quality dolls from Its A Small World for example


Of course it's one big marketing thing and the story is REALLY BAD, but face it: DLRP could make some money with it... :roll:
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It will make money but it just seems so soul less. Paris is also the only resort not to feature Duffy now, Hong Kong have decided he should feature heavily at their Christmas celebration;


Quote from: "JelleP"Of course it's one big marketing thing and the story is REALLY BAD, but face it: DLRP could make some money with it... :roll:

I'm not sure if ED SCA would make a lot of money with Duffy. They have to pay licence fees to TWDC for the bear to use him in their resort.

Duffy is not a DLRP merchandise, so the revenues will not go directly to ED SCA. I think TWDC will also get a portion of it.


Personally I don't think Duffy will take off if it ever does make it here to Paris.