Euro Disney SCA Fiscal Year 2010 Results

Started by dagobert, November 10, 2010, 02:48:49 PM

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Euro Disney SCA released the Fiscal Year 2010 results: ... r-2010.pdf

EURO DISNEY S.C.A. Reports Fiscal Year 2010 Results

• Resort revenues were stable at € 1.2 billion, with higher guest spending in the parks and hotels offsetting lower
   attendance and hotel occupancy
• Real Estate revenues increased by € 42 million to € 60 million, due to a significant property sale
• Net loss reduced by € 18 million to € 45 million
• Cash increased by € 60 million to € 400 million, after repaying € 90 million of debt during the Fiscal Year


Not a disaster, they seem to have settled at around 15m guests as the typical annual attendance, despite the recession.

It looks as if they still have a huge amount of cash to play with (now 400m). :)
As targets were not achieved, there seems to be a possible decrease in allowed investment from 5% to 3% which would cut 25m from investment in 2011, unless some agreement can be reached. With no new attractions next year and a lot of maintenance work to do this is not good news.
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