Disney New Generation Festival (Until 13th March 2011)

Started by mclarkson, August 11, 2009, 10:53:43 PM

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:P That YouTube vid was great!


Loved the video. Really made me giggle-green army men on Buzz :lol: Hubby says we're a bunch of spotters for seeing the MMP decs on the castle tho! :lol:

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Yeah I too thought them ribbons looked good! :(


Can't find the thread about the advertisments so hope its ok if I post here :D
On the television ads when Tiana flies in and some of the princesses are stood clapping, has anyone noticed that Sleeping Beauty is in a blue dress?
Does anyone know why this is when in the park she is generally represented with a pink dress?
(can be seen on this video) //http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqjJMOvRw3w

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Saw it too, but don't know why that is. Maybe just a fault from the people who eddited the video ;)
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I remember seeing Sleeping Beauty in the blue dress doing meet and greets, the liitle show behind the castle and at the princessess lunch in te Auberge. The only time I saw her dressed in pink is the OUADP.

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She should be blue all the time, Like the film!!! Once upon a time they did all the sb costumes in blue, I had one!! Oviously the change is so the non disney people can tell the difference between her and cinderella but its Nice to see a subtle but welcomed change for the character! Is this a new thing for the new gen fest or has she been in blue for a while? I've not properly met her in the parks but hope to see her in 2 weeks time for my next visit!!


Quote from: "JelleP"Saw it too, but don't know why that is. Maybe just a fault from the people who eddited the video ;)

Loving the video footage, especially the scene with Sulley in the cottage. But did anyone else notice that Genie was the wrong colour as well?


Festival Disney

A new advert has apeared on tv concerning the next "3 irresistable months".

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So, the New Generation Festival ends tomorrow!

Looking back, do you think the year was a success? Did the advertising work? Did the entertainment, decorations, etc, add to the parks? What was your favourite thing that the year brought to Disneyland Paris?

Time for some closing thoughts...


I thought it was a marked improvement on the year before. Disney's Show Time Spectacular on central plaza stage was a good show, better than Mickey's Magical Party. But i think most of us felt the loss of the Tarzan show and the Lion King. With the return of Tarzan this year, I hope we're getting back on track, and they can make full use of their theatres so we can watch a show in comfort  whatever the weather.
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The festival was a nice way of linking the old to the new and improving on the disappointment that was mickey's magical party.

I preferred the central show and the decorations, however I miss the shows in the other theatres.

As a limited budget stop gap it was effective but not memorable
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!


We thought it was a large improvement on the Magical Party, and we really enjoyed the hub show (for the first time).


I thought they could have made much better choice with their budget, but I will say it was the best central plaza show they have showcased. Glad to see it go though. Shame the Toon Train isn't saying goodbye.

FWIW, I thought the Mickey costume changes and the Frog turning into Prince Nazeem were very cool.
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