20 Years of Dreams and Fantasy!

Started by lil-shawn, October 20, 2010, 04:23:05 PM

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Today i present you my Version of Disneyland Paris 20th Birthday, i know it would never Happen this way but i think
it is a great Idea and something different than the 15th Celebration.

QuoteIn 2012 Celebrates Disneyland Paris its 20th Birthday, but it will also be a Year of History and Changes. The whole year will be filled with seasonal events and the big Birthday Party. Come and join us when Disneyland Park brings back Memories from the Past, make dreams come true and invite you into the Future of the next 10 years.

February & March 2012
Disneyland Park brings back the Festival of Fools. This 20 Years Carnival Event will take place from Ton Square to Central Plaza Hub. Here you meet your Favorit Characters from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang. So visit Disneyland Paris between February and March and join us at the Festival of Fools.

April, May & June 2012
Disneyland Park Starts its Birthday Party on April and will bring Back great stuff from the Past 20 Years and New Stuff you can discover the next few years. So join us on this great adventure and see how Dreams come true.

In Discoveryland a new Version of the Disney Classics Show will make its Premiere. This Show brings in New Characters like Rapunzel and Tiana ect. You can see it 4 times a Day.

On the Castle Stage a Princess Version of Le Livre Magique de Mickey will make its Premiere. Sorcerer Mickey opens a Magical Book and on Every Page a Different Princess Story will be Shown in a Musical way.

In the Chapperal Theatre a new Show will make its Premiere. The Adventures by Disney is a Show about movies like, Lion King, Jungle Book, Mulan, Poccahontas, Tarzan ect. It will be the other side of Disney Movies, on the Castle Stage we have the Pricesses and in Chapperal Theatre will be the Adventures and Heroes. (sorry no Video it will be a Disneyland Paris Exclusiv)

On the Central Plaza Stage the Show C'est Magique will Celebrate its Premiere. The Show once played at Videopolis will get a new Twist and will be Performed on the Stage in front of the Castle. This show tells you the Story of the 20 years of Disneyland Park.

From April the Mainstreet Electrical Parade will come back for a whole Year. This beloved Nighttime Parade will run once again from Fantasyland to Main Street USA.

The Nighttime Show Fantasmic will get a new Twist also, in Disneyland Paris it will be Performed on the Central Plaza Stage. The Stage will hold the Big Dragon Malificent and Chernabog each in one of the Satelite Stages. Also the Stage have water screens, pyro and lots of Fire and performers. The Show itself will have Parts of Fantasmic and from World of Color.  This new Twist of the Show you will see only in 2012 and this from April til September.

On April the World of Disney Store opens at Disney Village. Inside the old Disney Store a Preview Center will get Installed, here you will get informed about Future Porjects, and you will see Every Year what new Show, Parade, Firework ect. is Coming to Disneyland Paris.

Next time i will present you the rest of the Year. hope you enjoed the Videos and like the Ideas.


good ideas but not sure about fantasmic. if you have ever seen it, you will know that the huge scale of it would be too much for central plaza. they would have to build a new, outdoor theatre. (knowing dlrp, you would need to buy tickets for it)

Festival Disney

Uh - oh, you've got me singing the whole C'est Magique soundtrack to myself!  :-"
I personally would love to see that show return :P

Sounds like a good plan, wouldn't mind if the Electrical parade came for a year, But I'd like to see DLP desing themselves a whole new night time parade - they're effort with the OUAD parade was very impressive, and I'm sure that a illuminated parade designed specially for this park would be just as immense.  :thumbs:

Re. the hunchback of ND show, as long as they don't put those hideous joker decorations on the castle, it's cool with me  8)
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