DLP 16/09 and 17/09

Started by Sheep, September 29, 2010, 09:11:42 PM

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It was time again for a little trip to DLP. I chose to go from 16/09 to 17/09 since a travel agency was giving a good reduction in price for that period.

For the first time I drove to DLP and it was a easy enjoyable drive. Only downside was an accident that happend at the belgian border and set me back an 1h so I arrived an hour late in DLP.

It was the frist time that I stayed in Sequoia Lodge. I liked the hotel a lot. I found that the Sequoia Lodge felt like it was worth the extra cost over cheyenne and santa fe. I'm really considering going back to the hotel the next time I go to DLP.
The new Tv's are really nice and hold a really cool surprise or maybe i'm just easy to please! When you opened the doors to the tv the screen says something in the lines of: "the rangers welcome ...." and fill in the dots with your name.

The parcs were great as usual. A lot of refurb work going on in adventureland. It also seemed more busy then the previous times I was there during the same period.  Not to busy most of the rides were 5 to 10 minutes of waiting time. Previous years it was usualy walk on. The castle looked really nice.

All in all it was a great holiday!
I'm not a good writer as you might have noticed but I did bring my new lensbaby to disney for practice together with my regular lenses and wanted to share some pictures with you guys and girls:

Main street:

The best sight in the world.

Friendly welcome to my short vacation!


My first ride of the vacation was BTM

Unfortionatly it was closed but it still looked pretty

It said that but actually...

Mark twain was sailing.

The train was ready to take people to another part of the park


First I went to indy for a ride. Then I wanted to cut trough the adventure island but it was all closed of with the all to familiar green fences.

I still got there in the end...

to be greated by Capt sparrow!


The my walking took me into fantasyland.

where i visited alice in wonderland


I went over to discoveryland next. I looked forward to seeing Captain EO since I saw it when i was a kid and it was as good as I hoped. This was always one of my biggest regrets that I didn't get to see captain eo again when I went to DLP for the second time.



The next day I went to the studio's and it was time for the new toy story area.
I liked it very much. Really nice made and build! Really the best they could do with that area in my opinion.
I loved RC racer the most. It's like a giant swing ship but then faster  :D/

Then it was time for my favorite attraction in the whole studio's... the tower of terror. I love that ride  :D


Morning falls over disneyland and it's really pretty