New Resort ID

Started by Kristof, November 03, 2006, 11:45:02 AM

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During our stay at the Disneyland Hotel this week, we got a new resort ID.  

It's about half the size of the old pink ID's and is printed in colour.  :)


Ohh how fancy, shame I ended up with a rubbish old one, maybe it's just for the higher class hotels :? .  Seems to look kind of Halloweenish too with the font of Disney and Hotels.


I saw a couple of these being used in the restaurants and shops - some of the CM's obviously hadn't been told there were new ID's as they caused some delay and confusion.
Hey There Hi There Ho There It\'s A Disney Kind Of Day

The Butlin Boy

Looks nice :)


maybe its all for the 15th as well
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