WDS Private Party 26.6.10

Started by mattboywonder, May 10, 2010, 09:38:00 AM

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As an Annual Passport holder, I have had an email offering me a discount on tickets to a 'Private' party on the evening of Saturday 26 June 2010 to be held at WDS.  I just wondered if anyone knew much about this event?  Do they do this often?  Is there usually something exclusive going on?  I don't want to miss out on something big but then again I am going a couple of weeks after this date so don't wanna go pay out and go if its not gonna be something really special.

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Why are those emails always in french  ;)
I myself are also interested in what it is and on what occasion?
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I wish I could go to this one, but I'm working that weekend  :(

I went to the Disco party the FNAC did last September in WDS, it was great fun...


Can someone tell me what it is ???My pass ran out last month and as I was planning to go in July I had not extended online (so I have no email).


Fireworks on FNAC soirée privée :)

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Wow  :shock:
This really looks cheap!
Very Un-Disney!
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