Donald's Birthday Party

Started by experiment627, April 20, 2004, 11:30:16 PM

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French site reports, that - on June 9th - DLP will be celebrating the 70th birthday of my personal hero: Donald Duck.

First, there'll be a ceremony on Main Street with lots of Disney characters and a birthday cake for the old duck.
Later in the day, Donald Duck will be honored as a real movie star and he's invited to leave his hand-prints in the wet cement on WDS "Place des Stars" and on the wall of DV's Planet Hollywood.

And at the Disneyland Hotel, there'll be an exhibition organised by the German company "InterDuck" called "Duckomenta". (// celebrating the cultural history of the Ducks.

Plus, during the week of Donald's birthday, there'll be a special offer for one night / two days at the Newporty including park entry and a dinner at the hotel's Cap Cod restaurant for 199,- Euros...

Sounds like a fun birthday celebration to me!


Cool!  The Photos Magiques team will be there for a photo report  :donald:


I'm middle of the exams than.
so Raptor will have to go all by himselve :d