Cars Quatre Roues Rallye (Now Open!)

Started by Anthony, July 18, 2006, 07:18:02 PM

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But I'm afraid, that this fence won't stop people from climbing on Luigi and Guido. They just climb over the fence and here we go again  :x . People are very innovative when it comes to those things.


That's quite a shame :( It looks like Luigi and Guido are trapped and want to get out :roll: I think the fence looks okay but it's so out of place.


But then again, one really has to ask: what were the Imagineers thinking?
Probably not too much...    :?

(There's also a nice prob inside the libraries at the ToT, which just CRIES "leave an inappropriate message HERE!"...)


I'm really glad that those fences are there so that the props won't be damaged any further..

It's a shame that people have to damage everything.. last time I saw some guys climbing over the fence at Armageddon to make a picture next to the mobile. :S


See what I mean. Fences won't stop people from getting their will. Only a security castmember would do the trick and that's a shame. Security for pops  #-o I don't get it.  :(  Poor show.


I'd rather have that fence surrounding Luigi & Guido then the parkinglot that used to be there... :wink:  :wink:  :wink:


It reminds me of Sheriff trapping them in a new Impound but I still have a feeling that people are going to climb over the fences and sit on their hoods or heads.
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