Extending the Hollywood Boulevard, putting in the lake.

Started by andrewuk, February 12, 2010, 04:39:09 PM

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Anyone got any ideas of how to solve the problem of the tram route being where the boulevard extension will have to go. (If the World of Color plans are to be believed.)

Send the tram under the boulevard perhaps?
Any ideas, I'd be interested to know what you all think will/could happen there.
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I've no idea how they'll gonna do that, but I hope for a whole new route ;)
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I have a feeling that ultimately the tour will dissapear eventually, i think it's just too much in the way in it's current location. A tunnel wouldn't be very realistic, a bridge is possible but not very propable i guess, wouldn't it be problematic driving the long tram in the small turn heading to the Ring of Fire part and going on the bridge? Maybe just close it down to give it a place further back in the park after future expansions? A bit like the location the ride has at WDW.


Here is what I thought in WOC thread:

I assume this will be where the staff car park/storage area is at the moment. It would also help solve the problem for Studio Tram Tours, as they could the station to an alternative location around the lake and the new route would go behind the lake between the two goods bits, with some new extras added along the route.